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What is tifo?

As defined in Europe, it’s an Italian word referring to visual displays of passionate support for a team.

As defined in North America, it’s the Timbers Army.

Since 2001, the Timbers Army has represented the Rose City and supported our club with flags, banners, two-sticks, and smoke bombs. Through the innovation and creativity of our displays, we have gained recognition from all corners of the world, including features in magazines and websites across Europe. Even the American media has taken notice: We’ve graced the pages of Sports Illustrated – something no other supporters groups would even dream of – and gotten a YouTube link from USA Today.

As we move through 2016 and beyond, you can expect the Timbers Army and our tifo displays to keep growing. Countless man hours, designs, and volunteers go into creating the match day experience we all enjoy. Participating – whether by helping create the displays, donating money, or simply waving a flag on match day – makes you a part of something truly unique and truly Portland.

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