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107IST BOARD Elections


Jonathan Everett has been elected to the 107IST board of directors and will serve a three-year term starting February 1st, 2023. In addition, the following board-appointed representatives will serve one-year term starting February 1st 2023:

  • Rachel Greenough: Riveters Steering Committee 

  • Marika Klein: Timbers Army Steering Committee

  • Joseph Revay: BIPOC Advisory Board

  • Corinne Waller: BIPOC Advisory Board

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Candidate Applications

For 2023 elections, we'll have candidates vying for one open position for a three-year term (2023 through 2025).

  • Applications for candidates were open from January 2 until noon on January 9.
  • We posted the list of candidates and their statements on the website on January 9.
  • We requested that all candidates attend the January 107IST board meeting.

Important: You must have been a member of the 107IST by December 31, 2022, to be eligible to run for the board and/or to vote.

Live Candidate Forum

On January 14, from noon to 2, we will host a candidate forum session. This session is moderated and the questions will come from members. All current 107IST members are also able to post questions to candidates in the member forums on the website.


      • Ballots were sent out on Sunday, January 22, to all 2023 members who were renewed as of December 31, 2022.
      • Voting ended and results were announced on January 30. Voting was extended by one day due to technical issues with ballots.

      Online Forum

      Ask the candidates questions before voting and read their responses. (Forums will go online after candidates are announced)

      Visit the online forums (members only) 

      2023 107IST Board of Directors Candidates

      The following individuals have submitted applications to be on the ballot for the 107IST Board of Directors. If elected, they will serve a three-year term starting February 1, 2023.

      Candidates are listed in alphabetical order:

      Candidate Name: Sofia Freja Chambers

      Email Address:

      Please list boards and committees that you serve on, or have served on: 

      • Soccer City Accountability Now - Steering Committee
      • The Grand Army (GRFC Supporters group, Grand Rapids, MI) Board Member - 2017
      • The Auxiliary (Midwest United Women supporters group) Founding Member - 2017

      Biographical information (107IST-related and professional):

      I grew up in MIdwest & attended Univ of Michigan. I became a PTFC supporter a decade ago. Through 2017 I was active in lower league local soccer in my home town in Michigan. Between 2018 and 2021 I lived in D.C. and was active in the DC Federal Reserves. I moved to Washington State in 2021, which has allowed me to become more involved with supporting the Thorns and Timbers. Early in 2021 I began working with Soccer City Accountability Now, and spent last season working on direct action to oppose the ownership and management of the club.

      State your objectives as a 107IST board member:

      My main concerns is supporting and preserving PTFC as ONE Club TWO Teams. I want to work toward welcoming and attracting new members to the 107ist. The club's current ownership is destructive not only to the Thorns/Timbers organization, but to our community, and I want to find ways to bring supporters back to or into the Riveters and TA.

      How do you feel 107IST members would benefit from your involvement with the board:

      I am an queer activist & football supporter. I am tenacious. I will apply the same dedication and effort to the 107ist as I have in the past to my hometown clubs and to our regional supporter groups.

      Conflicts of Interest: None

      Candidate Name: Jonathan Everett

      Email Address:

      Please list boards and committees that you serve on, or have served on: 

      • Portland Spurs - Chair
      • Apixio - Advisory Board
      • CalHipso - Technical Advisory Board
      • CNUS - Co-Chair

      Biographical information (107IST-related and professional):

      Jonathan Everett here, I am a lifelong football fan actively supporting the Timbers and Thorns. My wife is an Oregon native and all it took to convince me to move was a trip 11 years ago and 2 tickets to a Timbers match. Though born and raised in NJ, I knew on that trip that this is where I belonged. I have been a member of 107ist since 2015 (though, lapsed one of those years), and have contributed extra funding for direct action, aligning with the community involvement and ethos of the organization. I regularly contribute (if you call it that) to a Timbers related podcast; discussing the latest and greatest news while being full of hot takes and shenanigans. Though I tend to goof off quite a bit within this scene and podcast, I take my work life very seriously.

      From a professional perspective, I have worked in healthcare information technology for the last 20+ years, serving on all sides of the healthcare continuum. I currently work as a Director for an electronic health record company based in Boston, MA. There, I lead a team of medical doctors and business professionals completing technical, operational and financial assessments of healthcare and tech organizations, presenting ROI and TCO projections for those considering long term partnerships with us. I am honored to contribute in this industry, making a real difference behind the scenes in the delivery of healthcare. I love and care about what I do.

      State your objectives as a 107IST board member:

      My objective is to bring a fresh perspective based on my professional experience along with my passion for this community to the leadership table during what have proven to be difficult times. I am proud of the efforts of the 107ist and hope to continue to move the organization forward. I think it is imperative for anyone joining a board of directors, be that a new election or a re-election, to listen, think critically, apply reason and then solve difficult problems. With that, I would personally like to focus on the following, but will clearly pivot based on my first few meetings as necessary.

      Increase in membership with a focus on retention:

      • Reach out to members who have not renewed and engage on ways to make changes to drive a renewed interest
      • Regular surveys during good times and bad, to ensure that the leadership team is executing as expected
      • Ensure inclusivity and safety for all members of 107ist

      Increase in financial transparency to members as permitted:

      • Focus on expenses and funding
      • Determine best use of funds for future growth and initiatives

      Increase in public awareness and events:

      • Determine if it is feasible to host more ‘block party’ style events
      • Gain sponsorship from vendors and fundraise to help put on these events
      • More publicly visible Community Outreach Booth/Tent on game days and local events

      How do you feel 107IST members would benefit from your involvement with the board:

      I have relevant professional experience including but not limited to finance, budgeting, operations, fundraising and growth and have served on multiple boards. I have passion for the ethos of 107ist, our city and teams and I will turn that passion into results for membership.

      I will bring a fun and light-hearted approach to everything I do, but I will never be afraid of asking hard questions and will be equally unafraid to make hard decisions. I will continue to learn to grow as a person, a professional and as a board member and commit to ensuring the integrity of the elected position.

      There are a lot of "I" statements here, which are relevant for this position. However, I understand and am excited about a team approach in which my contributions will be to a collective voice of equally passionate people who also serve with love and respect.

      Conflicts of Interest: None

      Candidate Name: Sam Prince

      Email Address:

      Please list boards and committees that you serve on, or have served on: 

      I am a member of the board of the Association of Regional Counselors of Oregon and Washington, serving as the Technology co-chair.

      Last year I joined the 107ist membership committee and have attended our monthly meetings. I also staffed Fanladen during game days.

      Recently I was added to the Riveters merch Asana and attend our monthly meetings, I am unsure if I am formally on that committee; however I have staffed Fanladen for most matches during the 21-22 season.

      Biographical information (107IST-related and professional):

      My name is Sam Prince, I was born and raised in St. Louis, lived all around the US, and found a home in Portland a bit over five years ago. On the professional level I am an admissions counselor for Bennington College, a small Liberal Arts college in lovely Vermont. I recruit the PNW for them.

      My 107ist story starts about a week after I moved to Portland, when I went to my first Timbers game. The cheapest tickets were in the TA, but to be honest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I sat (that’s right, sat), high in the 200s and watched the bedlam that played out even in a meaningless mid-week match between two low table teams. I was new to Portland, but knew I was in love with what was happening.

      I’m a deeply cautious person, it took me a few years to feel like I was ready to start volunteering with the 107ist. I dabbled in a lot of things at first, trying desperately to find a place that felt authentically like me. I found that this season when I joined the membership committee and staffed Fanladen most days for both Timbers and Thorns. Working alongside folks who carry such love for the club was thrilling, and honestly, I can’t imagine being anywhere else pre-match now.

      State your objectives as a 107IST board member:

      I enter into this space with an open mind and open ears. My objective at first is to listen a lot, listen to our membership, listen to fellow board members, to the committees as they reflect during the off-season. I want to approach my time on the board with a beginner’s mindset. Simply put, there’s a lot that I do not know.

      To echo a blog post that was made recently. Our org is hurting right now, and I can feel that. I felt it on game days when people would walk into Fanladen just to vent or commiserate about the goings on. My objective is to continue to help folks find concrete ways to transition those feelings into action while also fostering a sense of community. How can we continue to make the organization a reflection of the people we serve? What does that look like, sound like, feel like?

      How do you feel 107IST members would benefit from your involvement with the board:

      On a practical level. I bring with me a wealth of professional experience. My job is equal parts data driven exploration and public speaking, I manage a robust team of interns and a pretty hefty scholarship, I’ve been on the board of another professional organization and know somewhat how they work. While deeply introverted I am unafraid of crowds, unafraid of being heard.

      The last thing may sound super super simple, but I want you to hear it: you’d benefit because I give a shit. I love the 107ist, love its mission, love the folks we serve, love what we do in our community, love the rhythm of the drums in the North End on a Riveters gameday. It would be an absolute honor to get to serve on the board, to get to serve y’all. I’m a deeply corny person, if you’ve met me you know that. If you haven’t met me yet, this level of caring is what I bring to the table. I won’t lose it.

      Conflicts of Interest: None

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