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This year, we're introducing some changes to the election process and board setup. Check it out here.

Congratulations to Dawn Bauman, Gabby Rosas, Jennifer Ingraham, and Stephan Lewis have been elected to three-year terms on the board, and a big welcome to Darren Lloyd, Dominique Whittaker, and Lindy Lacson as they join the board in the new committee nominated roles for 2021.

Candidate Applications

For elections, we'll have candidates vying for one of four open positions for a three-year term (2021 through 2023).

  • Applications for candidates were open from October 28 until 11:59 a.m. on November 11.
  • We posted the list of candidates and their statements on the website on November 11.
  • We request that all candidates attend the December 8 107IST board meeting.

Important: You must have been a member of the 107IST by October 31, 2020, to be eligible to run for the board and/or to vote.

Live Candidate Forum

On November 15, from noon to 2, we hosted a virtual forum session for all candidates. This session was moderated, and the questions were sent in from members. After the virtual forum, all current 107IST members are able to post questions to candidates in the member forums on the website.


      • Ballots were sent out on Monday, November 30, to all 107IST members who renewed their 2020 membership before October 31.
      • Voting took place from November 30 through December 12, and we announced the results on December 13.
      • If you have not received a ballot by the start of the voting period and believe you should have, contact us at elections@107ist.org.

      Online Forum

      Ask the candidates questions before voting and read their responses.

      Visit the online forums (members only) 

      2021 107IST Board of Directors Candidates

      The following individuals have submitted applications to be on the ballot for the 107IST Board of Directors. If elected, they will serve a three-year term starting January 1st, 2021.

      Candidates are listed in alphabetical order:

      Candidate Name: Dawn Bauman

      Email Address: Dawnita67@gmail.com

      Please list boards and committees that you serve on, or have served on: 

      • I've served on the TAFC committee since 2015. I've served as TAFC Co-Chair 2018, 2019 and became Committee chair in 2020. I've been running TAFC tournaments since 2016.
      • I represent Timbers Army FC league with Oregon Association Soccer Association. In 2018, myself along with a few key others, started TAFC 7v7 coed adult 'no drama' soccer league.
      • I'm on the Riveters Steering Committee, primarily as Events Lead since 2017.
      • I was elected to the 107IST board in 2018.
      • I'm the 107IST Treasurer as of this year (2020) & now lead the Finance Committee.
      • I'm one of the Riveters reps with the Independent Supporters Council since 2019.

      Biographical information (107IST-related and professional):

      I'm just a kid from Staten Island, NY. I grew up in PNW, left for college and moved back to PNW when my heart led me back. I worked in banking for 15+ yrs and then moved to retail with a local store. I've been supporting University of Portland Women's soccer program since 2000.

      When the Thorns started in 2013, I found the 107IST. At first, I would just show up to various volunteer events, and ever since then I find myself more and more stuck in. I enjoy watching and supporting soccer, but most of all, I learned that it's never too late to start playing. I play and manage an adult women's soccer team and I also play in the TAFC 7v7 no drama coed soccer league.

      I am grateful for the community that I've found at games but more grateful that this community extends past the walls of the stadium. For Timbers games, I call 208 my home & section 109 for Thorns games.

      State your objectives as a 107IST board member:

      This year exposed areas where we've fallen short as a board and as an org. Out of that the board compiled a list of approx 50 tasks (both short and long term) and we got to work. Many of these initiatives have been completed but there's still much work to be done. I'd like to be re-elected to the board to continue to this work and help the org become more inclusive. Using my banking background, I've helped identify and implement process efficiencies along with money saving changes. I believe that I'd be able to continue finding efficiencies and cost savings. Another one of my goals is to help continue to build our TAFC adult leagues and expand if possible. In the end, my main objective is to continue the work and leave the org in a better more inclusive place than it has been.

      How do you feel 107IST members would benefit from your involvement with the board:

      Over the last three years, I've learned a lot on the board but I feel that I can still contribute even more to the board. I'm committed to the work that has been started this year and I'm in it for the long haul. The changes being made will make us a better org! As Treasurer, my banking experience has helped me understand and make improvements to how we handle the 'business side' of things. And as we continue to grow, I will continue to look and implement money saving and process efficiencies. The mission of the 107IST is to support soccer in and around Portland, Oregon, from the grassroots to the highest professional level. I'm extremely passionate about helping make ways for adults of any skill level to play soccer and I look forward to continuing growing TAFC adult league.

      Conflicts of Interest: None

      Candidate Name: Jennifer Ingraham 

      Email Address: jeniferi@comcast.net

      Please list boards and committees that you serve on, or have served on: 

      • 107IST board of directors, secretary (2019–present)
      • 107IST communications committee (2014—present)
      • Several educational nonprofit boards
      • More committees and activities than I can count

      Biographical information (107IST-related and professional):

      I was born and raised in Alaska — hockey country. College took me to Indiana, where I found myself completely surrounded by football, basketball, and NASCAR. Driving through Chicago one summer, we saw signs for the World Cup. “What’s that?!”

      When my boys started playing, I quickly fell in love with this fascinating and beautiful sport. After several amazing Timbers Army experiences, I joined the 107IST. Soon, I wanted to find a way to get more involved. My time was limited, so I offered to help with the newsletter since it was my skill, eventually taking it on completely in January 2015. I was appointed to the board in 2019 and have been the secretary since.

      In my professional life, I’m a writer for a massive transportation company, and I’m also the manager of a small pool of copy editors for an e-learning development agency.

      State your objectives as a 107IST board member:

      My reason for running again is to continue to help shepherd this organization through our transition to more of a strategic board. I've been actively working over the past two years to help develop and streamline our nonprofit structure, working on board development, processes and documentation, budgeting, bylaws, and more. I feel I still have a lot more to offer, and I'd love the opportunity to continue the work I've started.

      How do you feel 107IST members would benefit from your involvement with the board:

      I’ve spent the past 15+ years working on nonprofit boards, and I pretty much enjoy everything about the experience. “Bored” meetings? Budget committees? Redoing the bylaws? Negotiating? I’m all in.

      I take being a board member very seriously and professionally. Previous and current board members will tell you that I'm "the laws and rules" committee, always bringing up best practices and Oregon laws.

      Conflicts of Interest: None

      Candidate Name: Stephan Lewis

      Email Address: stephan.lewis@107ist.org

      Please list boards and committees that you serve on, or have served on: 


      • 107ist Community Outreach Committee, Chair (Founding Member)
      • Portland United Against Hate (PUAH) Steering Committee, representing 107ist
      • Stadium District Business Association, representing 107ist
      • Maplewood Neighborhood Association, Transportation Chair
      • SWNI Transportation Committee, Vice Chair
      • No Pity Originals, Daytime Office Manager and Logistics
      • 107ist Micro-Grants Committee


      • 107 Independent Supporters Trust Board of Directors
      • Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI), Board of Directors
      • Neighbors West Northwest (NWNW), Board of Directors
      • NWNW Neighborhood Small Grants Committee
      • Goose Hollow Foothills League (GHFL), Vice President
      • Various other committees related to community development and transportation

      Biographical information (107IST-related and professional):

      Portland born and mostly raised, soccer was a big part of my upbringing and I started really combining my love of the two when the Timbers started back up in 2001. With a background in architecture, I started studying and practicing community development over 25 years ago to have a greater, more positive impact in our changing landscapes. Central to this practice are the principles of empowerment, participation, inclusion, self-determination, and partnership.

      Very active in my communities, I volunteer my time with the 107IST as a member of the Outreach Committee, representing our interests in the local community from neighborhoods and coalitions to other nonprofits and community organizations, providing day to day operational logistics for all aspects of the org, and am an active member of the tifo crew.

      State your objectives as a 107IST board member:

      My objective is to continue to bring a process approach to issues facing the 107ist and its members as I have been able to over my past service on and off the board. To continue to create and maintain relationships with outside organizations that have proven critical to meeting our mission and expanding our ethos into the broader community.

      How do you feel 107IST members would benefit from your involvement with the board:

      My decades of experience in community development have allowed me to hone strong skills in working through conflict towards consensus and identifying members of our community to take on roles with higher capacity while working to manage the issue of burnout within our volunteers. While much of the work I do for the 107ist doesn’t require me being on the board of directors, many aspects benefit from being closely connected to the work being done on the board.

      Conflicts of Interest: Since I am involved with many different organizations in a pursuit of a positive future for this place on earth, I am always consciously aware of what hat I’m wearing at any point in time and deliberately announce if any potential conflicts may arise so they may be deliberated in the event I may need to abstain in specific actions, decisions, or discussions.

      Candidate Name: Gabby Rosas

      Email Address: gabby.rosas@gmail.com

      Please list boards and committees that you serve on, or have served on: 

      • Rose City Riveters Away Travel - 2013 to 2016
      • Rose City Riveters Steering Committee - 2014; 2016 to current
      • Rose City Riveters Merch Team - 2016 to current
      • Independent Supporters Council - Rose City Riveters Representative - 2017 to current
      • 107ist Board - 2018 to current
      • 107ist Finance - 2020 to current
      • 107ist Communications - 2020 to current

      Biographical information (107IST-related and professional):

      Project manager by trade, I enjoy collaborating with others and leading diverse teams toward shared goals. I have been working for a firm that uses data to inform decision making for the last 15 years, having been in Portland since 2007. I have tried to bring my problem solving and long range planning tools to the board.

      I have been a lifelong fan of the beautiful game, playing from 5 to 18. I started going to Timbers matches shortly after moving here, mainly as a cheap activity to do on Thursday nights. When the Timbers made the move from USL to MLS, tickets were harder to come by. I started volunteering with the Timbers Army helping with Operation Pitch Invasion and slowly getting to know people.

      My involvement with this organization ramped up in 2013 when the NWSL was starting up. I was able to help coordinate away days for the Rose City Riveters, from a single bus up to Starfire to Rochester. Over the years I got more involved with the Riveters, helping with merch and growing the Steering Committee.

      I love Portland, the Thorns and Timbers, and our supporter cultures. When inside the stadium, you can find me in 208 on Timbers match days and down in 108 when the Thorns are on the pitch.

      I’ve been serving on the board for the last 3 years. And I like karaoke.

      State your objectives as a 107IST board member:

      My first 3 years on the 107ist board have been a whirlwind and I've been learning with each experience. One of the most important things I've taken away is that communication is key and over communicating doesn't exist. With a membership base as large and as expansive as the 107ist, there are a lot of perspectives to take into account and we have not been good at creating entry points and pathways for members to get involved, despite best intentions. As the 107ist has grown, we have not fully transitioned out of the “start-up” mentality.

      If I am re-elected to the board, I am committed to continuing to help this organization develop and better represent and support our members. And to better define who we are as an organization.

      How do you feel 107IST members would benefit from your involvement with the board:

      I am always learning. I work to seek out guidance or recommendations from others. I network with other supporter groups across the country and internationally to learn different ways they address issues. I do not shy away from problems, I dive right in. When I make mistakes, I own them. I like having a full plate and being busy, but I also like helping others learn how to take on new challenges.

      Helping to lead a Supporter Group is very different from being on the 107ist board, which is the team that has both legal and financial responsibilities to uphold. I’m committed to helping the 107ist be the best representatives of our members, both in our communities and with the PTFC Front Office.

      Conflicts of Interest: None

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