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Gisele Currier was a beloved member of the Timbers Army whose untimely passing in 2011 was a devastating blow. In memory of Gisele, an outpouring of donations were offered to the 107IST in order to support soccer projects in the metro area in her name. Out of this outpouring of generosity emerged the Gisele Currier Scholarship Fund (formerly the Gisele Currier Memorial Fund), which was first awarded in the summer of 2011.

The Gisele Currier Scholarship Fund is accepting applications. The deadline for applications for the next funding cycle is January 31, 2024. 

Gisele Currier Application Form

Read more about Gisele Currier here 

Gisele, with Timbers legend Jimmy Kelly

About GCSF


The Gisele Currier Scholarship Fund supports soccer in the greater Timbers and Thorns academy area by providing soccer scholarships to youth at every level of soccer, from rec leagues to the highest competitive level of youth soccer.


All area youth have the opportunity to reach their full potential in the sport of soccer.


  • Equity:  We recognize that the pay-to-play system of youth soccer in the United States is inherently inequitable. We believe in the potential of every young athlete, and we believe every one of them deserves a chance to reach that potential.
  • Inclusion: We foster and promote a culture where all youth feel welcome and are provided with an opportunity to develop their soccer skills regardless of ability, family income, national origin, race/ethnicity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.
  • Diversity: We recognize that diversity is a strength, and that we must consistently work to eliminate structural barriers for youth who are traditionally underrepresented in U.S. youth soccer.
  • Integrity:  We are committed to transparency and the highest levels of accountability to our supporters, donors, partners and the groups we serve. 
  • Community:  We recognize and honor the power of community through our support for local youth, and in turn we thrive on support from regional businesses and donors who share our values.
  • Aliis Vivere:  We honor Gisele Currier, for whom the fund was named, by emulating her “live for others” spirit in all that we do.

Early GCSF Recipients

The first recipients of the Gisele Currier Scholarship Fund in 2011 were:


Issa Hassan Alex Segovia and Rubio Mendez-Rubin

All three continued to pursue soccer success:

Since its inception , the Gisele Currier Scholarship Fund has awarded soccer scholarships to youth in and around the Timbers and Thorns academy area for a total of $xxxx. In May of this year (2023) the GCSF awarded 7 soccer scholarships for a total of $6,800. Scholarship award amounts vary based on individual need.

Donate to the Gisele Currier Scholarship Fund

If you would like to donate to the Gisele Currier Scholarship Fund, you may do so at the link below. The Gisele Currier scholarship fund is recognized as a 501(c)(3) by the IRS; and donations to the fund may be tax deductible (Federal EIN: 47-2324722). Donations of $75 or more will be acknowledged with a contribution receipt for use in tax filing.

Donate to the Gisele Currier Scholarship Fund

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