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If you like reading, soccer, and reading about soccer, Booked! is for you.

Our lending library of more than 420 books and periodicals proudly occupies the northeast side of the fanladen. 107IST members are welcome to check out our assets. 

We periodically host book club events, where anyone can read the book and join us in discussing them. We’ve hosted events where authors such as Gwendolyn Oxenham (Finding the Game, In the Dark and Under the Lights), Nick Davisdon (Pirates, Punks & Politics), Ken Bensinger (Red Card), Sebastian Abbot (The Away Game), and Dennie Wendt (Hooper’s Revolution) joined us live, and we’ve hosted web events with Bill Buford discussing Among the Thugs and Warren St. John discussing Outcasts United.

We also host charitable events such as getting together to clean books and hosting book drives for the Children’s Book Bank.

If you’re interested in getting involved in Booked! you have several options:

  • check out (and return) some books in person at the Fanladen or online through Sent Off!

  • watch for Booked! events in the 107IST calendar or newsletter

  • write to us at and we’ll let you know what events are coming up

  • join us at our monthly Booked! committee meeting (get details by writing to - meetings are held via conference call so you don’t have to be in Portland to take part.

  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Sent Off!

If you’re unable to visit the Fanladen, you can still check out books with our Sent Off! Program (within the US only).

Go to our Booked! Online Catalog and use the search box to find a book that you’d like. Once you find it, click the Check Out button. One of our librarians will mail you a copy along with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope for you to mail it back when you’re done with it. 

Note: this service is free of charge, but we suggest a donation of $7.00 per book checkout to cover our costs. 

Getting a Library Account

If you want to check out a book and you don’t have an account, write to us at with the subject “Make me a catalog account” and your name. Within a few days we’ll create an account for that email address and send you an email back with the login details.

Search our Booked catalog:

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