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107 (Section 107)
The seating section in which the Timbers Army began.

107IST (The 107 Independent Supporters Trust)
A non-profit trust through which Timbers fans (the TA) and Thorns fans (the Rose City Riveters) combine their resources to support the teams. For more info, check out

Bitter End Pub
Pub across Burnside from the stadium, former spiritual home of the TA from 2001 through 2012.

The supporters (usually up front) who help lead the chants and cheers during a match.

Cascade Rangers
The original name of the Timbers Army (the ‘CR’ in the center of the TA crest is a nod to this part of our history)

Cascadia Cup
A cup traditionally awarded to the team with the best overall record against the other Cascadian teams (Portland/Vancouver/Seattle)

Commissioner’s Cup
Awarded to the team with the best regular season record in the USSF Div 2. The Timbers won it in 2004 (in A-league) and 2009 (in USL-1).

A common way to refer to the Drum and Trumpet Corps, who lead chants in the stands along with the capos.

The Fanladen
The physical home of the 107IST: 1633 SW Alder St.
A fanladen is an independent community center for supporters. In Germany they are operated by ‘fanprojects’, which are essentially the independent non-profit supporter organizations equivalent to 107IST. On match days you can purchase 107IST memberships and exchange tickets at face value here.

The cup awarded to the MLS team that wins the championship match.

MLS Supporter’s Shield
This is the award given to the team with the best overall record in MLS each year.

“Never Throw Anything on the Pitch”
This statement is a clearly stated and important rule within the Timbers Army. There is never a reason to throw things on the field.

No Pity Scarf
A fan designed scarf that has become the official-unofficial badge of the TA. It has traditionally been sold at cost and on a hand-to-hand/fan-to-fan basis. In 2010 demand for the No Pity Scarf was so high that it was also made available at the TA Trailer.

North End
The Timbers Army sections of Providence Park, located in the north half of the stadium

A nickname for the stadium when it was PGE Park.

Stands for Portland Timbers Football Club

Rose City Til I Die

Shortened name for

Also referred to as the Woodshed, this is another name for the Timbers Army Section. It includes 101-108 and 201-208, and is behind the North-end goal.

Stands for Timbers Army

TA Merch Van
Timbers Army Merchandise Van: It will be parked at 18th & Burnside (at Rack Attack) before and after all home matches. You can purchase TA-designed merchandise from here.

Timber Jim
The mascot of the Timbers from 1978-1980 and 2001-2008. His chainsaws are retired over the North End.

Timber Joey
The mascot of the Timbers since Jim retired in 2008.

USOC (U.S. Open Cup)
An annual tournament that is open to pro and semi-pro teams.

This was the official 107IST fanzine, written for many years by the fans for the fans.

Also referred to as the shed, this is another name for the Timbers Army Section. It includes 101-108 and 201-208, and is behind the North End goal.

Member, Independent Supporters Council

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