Tifo Etiquette - Unspoken Rules

There are many spoken and unspoken rules and guidelines related to tifo. Some of them are unique to the Timbers Army and have evolved over time into own subtle guidelines. Others are more well known and are ingrained in supporters culture throughout the world.

Please see the brief list of tifo guidelines and tips as they have evolved for the Timbers Army.

  • The first rule of tifo is don't talk about tifo. At least until it has been displayed and the surprise aspect isn't diminished by loose lips or Facebook posts. Pictures of the creation should only be shared after the display has occured.
  • The second rule of tifo is DON'T TAKE HOME THE FLAGS! They are not yours and taking them as keepsakes is stealing. Please be respectful of the Timbers Army.
  • Flares are currently not allowed for use within Providence Park. The use of flares at a home match will result in a stadium ban for those involved and the removal of stadium access for all tifo displays and gameday setup. Leave the flares at home please.
  • The use of smoke is permitted ONLY in approved areas. Our smoke is lit by our capos per an arrangement with the Front Office. If you know someone who has brought smoke please have them give it to the capos. Smoke being lit within the section brings negative consequences to the rest of the gameday privileges the section currently enjoys.
  • Do not use vinyl for two-sticks or banners. It goes against the DIY aspect of the Timbers Army and can't compare to the blood, sweat and passion that goes into painting something yourself.
  • When an overhead banner goes over your section, please do not punch the underside of it. Overheads often contains an image or message that can be obscured if in constant motion in addition to the risk of tearing out the stitching.
  • When holding up a two-stick or flag do not make a punching vertical motion. It can cause the attachment to the pole to break move or weaken. It cuts down considerably on the life of the two-stick or flag in question.
  • During a card display hold your card up high and tight. Please do not wave or shake them. This is Portland, not Pittsburgh, so leave the terrible towels at home.

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