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No, it's not an acronym.

Short for tifosi, tifo is the choreographed banners, smoke, chants, flags, etc. of supporters to create a visual that can inspire, motivate, and intimidate. In Portland, tifo has always been an important, independent, and creative part of supporter culture. Riveters tifo is funded by the 107 Independent Supporters Trust and created by volunteers.

The Rules of Tifo 

in Portland anyway

  1. The First Rule of Tifo is do not talk about tifo, do not share pictures of tifo, do not make hints about tifo, do not even think about posting online about tifo until after it has happened.
  2. The Second Rule of Tifo is do not talk about tifo.

  3. The Third Rule of Tifo is after the match, roll up your flag and leave it on your seat or hand it to a member of the game day crew. Do not take them home. The Riveters' flags stay in the stadium always aside from an offseason wash. Leave them.
  4. The Fourth Rule of Tifo is do not light off your own smoke. The capos in approved areas are the only ones who light off smoke in order to ensure the Riveters continue to use it. 
  5. The Fifth Rule of Tifo is do your best to help make the display look good. Do not shake or punch overheads, or they will be obscured and the visual will suffer for it. Hold card/fabric pieces taut, do not shake them or the motion will disrupt the mosaic effect. Do not block banners, whether that's rope lifts, two-sticks*, or hanging scarves over rail banners.
    * Here is a great guide from the Timbers Army on making your own two-sticks
  6. The Sixth Rule of Tifo is don't print anything. Tifo is a showing of creative identity and support that is rooted in a do-it-yourself approach. All Rose City Riveters tifo is painted, whether in the 107ist warehouse or the garages of supporters. A volunteer team coordinates the major displays in the North End, but anyone can participate and contribute on any scale. Ideas and volunteers are always welcome; please email for more info. Watch Riveters social media for updates and get involved!

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