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Membership FAQ

Is there a minimum age to join?
No. The 107IST is open to anyone who loves soccer, regardless of age.

Do I have to buy season tickets to join?
No. Your membership in the 107IST is independent of your tickets and neither has any bearing on the other.

I don’t live in the Portland area. Can I still join?
Yes! 107IST members hail from nearly every state and many countries. Membership is a great way to keep in touch and continue to support our teams from afar.

Does membership have any bearing on whether or not you are in the GA ticket sections?
Nope! TA and Riveters supporters groups are open to both 107IST members and non-members, as are those sections in the stadium. The 107IST has members in all areas of the stadium, and some who aren't able to attend matches in Portland at all.

I signed up for 107IST x days ago, but haven’t received an email. What do I do?
You should have received a confirmation email from the site and a copy of your username and password after completing the registration form. If you're missing either of these, please check your bulk/junk/spam mail folder. Please also ensure that and are on your email approved sender list and/or in your address book. You may also send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What if I change my email address or move?
Log into this site and click on the link with your name on the right side of the page to update your profile.

Do I have to include my real name, email and mailing address in my profile or during registration? I'd prefer to stay anonymous!
Yes. This information is the source for our membership database, so if it's incorrect, we'll have no way to contact you or send out your membership packet. Please be assured that it is kept private; we do not share/sell/rent our member list at all.

How do I get my membership card and gift?

We mail membership packets out to you starting in January, and thereafter about a week after you join. Please make sure your address is correct in your profile on when you sign up, as that is the address we will send it to. Member gifts are available for pickup at the Axe & Rose for local members. Members outside the local Portland area will have their gifts included in their membership packets.

How does it work if I want to buy or renew a membership for someone else as a gift?
You can purchase gift memberships here. During the early winter months, just in case you're purchasing the membership as a gift, we won't send the recipient an email confirmation until December 26th. 

I want to pay for someone else's membership, but can't seem to do that at the same time I renew my membership. Is it possible to do this?
Because it's one membership per person, and the registration information needs to be filled in for each one, there is no way to pay for more than one membership at a time. Please make sure you are logged out of the member area before processing the next payment.

Where does the money go?
The money that 107IST collects will be used for three basic purposes:
  • Flags, banners, tifo displays and other things aimed at making the game-day experience the best in North America.
  • Travel/member services: Providing a gathering space at the Fanladen to coordinate volunteer work and operate a face-value ticket exchange, and supporting bus and road trips to away matches.
  • Charitable works: In addition to rallying volunteers for efforts such as the Operation Pitch Invasion, Oregon Food Bank, Friends of Trees, American Red Cross, Harper’s Playground, CPR training, and Portland Public Schools, since 2010 the 107IST has also donated over $150,000 to build playgrounds and soccer fields in the Portland area and over $70,000 for uniforms, soccer equipment, soccer library books, etc. to local schools and charities.

Do you have youth or family memberships?
Not at this time. Each person in your family may join individually regardless of age as long as he or she has a valid email address. 

Can I join now and pay in installments?
Not at this time.

Where are Timbers Army, Rose City Riveters, and 107IST announcements made?
News and events will be announced via email directly to members, posted on,, and/or in the 107IST member forums, as well as on the TA Facebook/Twitter and the Riveters Facebook/Twitter. Be sure to add,, and to your email approved sender list and/or your address book so you don't miss out on any of these announcements.

I only just joined in September/October. Why do I need to pay again?
The membership period is by calendar year. We do take early renewal for the following year in Nov/Dec of each year. 

I have a question that's not listed here.
Email us at

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