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Away Travel FAQ

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How do I find out about away ticket sales?
Stay tuned to 107IST email updates (members only), or check the Away Days calendar. Timbers only and Thorns only calendars are also available.

I plan to travel to an away match. How do I find out if there will be a Timbers Army/Rose City Riveters section there?
Every team is required to put away a specific number of seats for traveling supporters in a block away section, and every game the 107IST makes sure the our supporters can have access to those seats if they go. For more information, visit the Travel and Away Days page for that city.
For all west coast teams and Real Salt Lake, due to demand, tickets are typically restricted to 107IST members only at first. For most other away games, non-107IST members can purchase tickets in the away section.

How do I purchase tickets for the Timbers Army section at away games such as Seattle and Vancouver?
Members: 107IST members will receive an email with a link to a page where you will be able to purchase a maximum of 2 tickets during a pre-sale period.
Non-Members: After the member pre-sale, any remaining tickets will go on sale on this site.

I’m not a 107IST member, but I just want a ticket for one away match. Can I buy one?
For Cascadia Cup games, maybe. If there are any tickets remaining after the member pre-sale, they will be put on sale for non-members. We do not anticipate there will be any Seattle tickets available for non-members.
For all other games, non-107IST members can purchase tickets in the away section. Check the specific team page for more details.

How are tickets allotted by MLS and other teams?
MLS mandates that 150 tickets are set aside for visiting supporters. In Cascadia (Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver) the teams have agreed to set aside 500 tickets for away supporters. 

What’s this about buses to stadiums in cities we fly to?
Occasionally the 107IST will arrange for transport from city centers to stadiums in far-off cities.
We are very lucky to have our stadium located in the downtown core, but in many cities the stadium is located in the far-out suburbs with few or no public transit options. In such cities, if enough 107IST members will be going, the 107IST Away Travel committee will arrange buses from a central location to the stadium and back. We strongly encourage all traveling fans to take advantage of these buses as they provide a safe, reliable way for fans to get from the city to the stadium. In addition, some stadiums require that all visiting fans enter the stadium at the same time, so taking the bus there guarantees you don’t miss the time window for entry.

I am traveling to an away match. How can I find out whether there has any activities planned?
The destination city's Regional Supporters Group should be able to give you an idea of what your fellow supporters will be up to.

How do you distribute tickets?

Because tickets are purchased in bulk from the respective away team front office approximately one week before match day, we are not able to send tickets immediately after purchase. Unless otherwise noted, tickets for non-Cascadia matches will be emailed in the form of a PDF, generally 3-4 days before the match. If an issue arises with an individual game and tickets need to be picked up in person, you will be notified by email in advance.

Are these away sections GA like The North End?

YES! Away sections are treated as general admission sections, even if tickets contain seat numbers. As standing, singing, chanting, and flag waving are the norm in The North End, your view may be blocked at times.

I have questions!

If you have any questions about any of our trips/tickets, please email

Bus Trip FAQs

Away bus trips are a legendary part of supporters’ culture in Portland. 107IST members are able to purchase tickets for the bus and match for trips such as Seattle and Tacoma prior to non-members. 107IST works with our brewery partners to provide each bus with a keg of local craft beer or cider.

Is there an age limit for bus trips?
Maybe – On the larger trips (such as Seattle or Tacoma) we will also be provide a ‘family-friendly’ bus option, and this bus will not have a keg. On other trips we may need to limit attendance to people 21+ unless they are accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Can I bring my kid on the bus?
Yes, parents/guardians can bring their children on the bus, but it is the responsibility of that parent/guardian to supervise the child at all times.

Can I bring my own food/alcohol on the bus?
Yes. However, no glass containers are allowed.

Can I bring my dog/iguana/goldfish on the bus?
No. Pets are not allowed on bus trips. Accommodations will be made for service animals.

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