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Where to Find Us

Looking for where to find us on match days? We are excited to announce that we are consolidating our physical presence from the Fanladen, Tifo Warehouse, and 2023's 1919 Pop-Up.

Starting February 2024, you can find us at The Axe & Rose, our new home at 1737 SW Morrison Street (formerly the Rack Attack space).

That's right, for all of your 107IST/Timbers Army/Rose City Riveters needs you can find us directly across 18th & Morrison from the stadium. You can pick up No Pity Originals or RivetGear scarves, shirts, and other merchandise, explore examples from PTFC, TA, and Riveters history, browse the BOOKED! library, and drop off donations for the current Community Outreach donation drive. Our build-out of the space begins in February 2024, be sure to swing by to visit our new home (and pardon the renovations to the space)! We look forward to hosting a grand opening this spring.

Match Day Hours

Approximate hours are 3.5 hours before kick for Timbers matches and 2.5 hours before kick for Thorns matches. Also open for approximately 1 hour after each match. Actual time may vary slightly due to volunteer commitments.

No Pity OriginalsRivetGear
05/12/24 v. s**ttle: 10:3005/04/24 v. Washington: 4:30
05/15/24 v. San Jose: 5:0005/11/24 v. s**ttle: 4:30
05/25/24 v. Kansas City: 4:30
06/01/24 v. Houston: 4:3006/08/24 v. North Carolina: 4:30
06/22/24 v. Vancouver: 4:3006/23/24 v. Kansas City: 10:30
06/29/24 v. Minnesota: 4:30
07/07/24 v. Nashville: 4:3007/05/24 v. San Diego: 4:30
07/13/24 v. Salt Lake: 4:3007/21/24 v. Club Tijuana (Summer Cup): TBD
07/28/24 v. León (Leagues Cup): 4:3007/31/24 v. s**ttle (Summer Cup): TBD
08/01/24 v. Colorado (Leagues Cup): 4:3008/30/24 v. Bay FC: 4:30
08/24/24 v. St. Louis: 4:30
08/31/24 v. s**ttle: 4:3009/13/24 v. Chicago: 4:30
09/18/24 v. LA: 4:3010/05/24 v. Utah: 4:30
10/02/24 v. Austin: 4:3010/11/24 v. Orlando: 4:30
10/06/24 v. Dallas: 4:3011/01/24 v. LA: 4:30

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