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  • 10/11/2022 11:46 AM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    From the board and steering committees

    As supporters of the Portland Thorns and Portland Timbers, we welcome the news that Merritt Paulson is no longer involved in day-to-day decision-making for the Club and that he has removed himself as CEO. The Timbers and Thorns are one club, and this change in leadership for PTFC is a long overdue step in the process to make this club safer and better for everyone who works there.

    At this moment, it’s important to center the players and employees — both those who came forward and those who suffered in silence — and we hope their voices continue to be heard. We support and love the players and this town, and we want to express our ongoing commitment to ensuring that PTFC is a safe and welcoming place to work, both on and off the pitch. We hope that this is the start of the healing process, as well as an opportunity to advocate for the additional changes needed in the National Women's Soccer League, the Portland Timbers and Thorns organization, and our community.

    While the personnel changes announced in the past few days are an important step in the right direction, as long as Merritt Paulson is an owner with a financial stake in the club, he is still in a position of power and control. We continue to call for the sale of both teams and for the sale, divestment, or removal of interest/control from all professional, development, and youth soccer leagues by Peregrine Sports. We acknowledge that this will likely be a long and complex process.

    Change takes time — and we are in this for the long haul.

    Onward, Rose City.

    #BAONPDX #RCTID #CutTheRotOut

  • 10/05/2022 11:19 PM | Chris Spalding (Administrator)

    One way you can get involved is contact PTFC sponsors with your concerns. Let them know that you want real change. The firings of Gavin Wilkinson and Mike Golub are a good start, but a change in ownership is the real way to save our club.

    If you’re looking to help further, supporters have created a Google doc with a list of sponsors, their contact info, and a sample letter/tweets. (Be sure to check the different tabs.) Feel free to copy the text completely, use it as a starting point and adjust to your liking, or come up with your own letter.

    Note: Some of the sponsors listed have already released statements. Contact them anyway! There's strength in numbers, and continued requests only keeps the pressure building.

    We truly believe letting the sponsors know is one of the most impactful things we (that means you too) can do.

  • 10/05/2022 2:53 PM | Jennifer Ingraham (Administrator)

    The following is a statement from the 107IST board, the Timbers Army Steering Committee, and the Rose City Riveters Steering Committee. 

    As supporters of the Portland Thorns and Portland Timbers we welcome, at long last, moves toward concrete, visible accountability through the firing of Gavin Wilkinson and Mike Golub.

    We hope this sends a strong message to everyone working in sports, especially women’s sports, that — no matter your job title, salary, tenure, or share in ownership — the time for toxic, abusive, and coercive behavior in the workplace is over.

    We recognize that Merritt Paulson has stepped aside from his duties with the Thorns. We hope that he has truly been removed from day-to-day operations of both teams. We acknowledge that while it may be a complex and long process, we will continue to call for the sale of both teams and the sale, divestment, or removal of interest/control from all professional, development, and youth soccer leagues by Peregrine Sports.

    We remain aware that these actions have come only after the public disclosure of information that was previously known by this club, the National Women’s Soccer League, and United States Soccer Federation for years. These men and the individuals they protected and promoted were allowed to cause harm to players, staff, and this community for far too long. The findings in the investigation completed by the team led by Sally Yates confirms their persistent misconduct damaged the club, league, and game. They had no place in our club. 

    It should not have taken so many players and staff submitting reports multiple times and to multiple agencies before sharing their stories publicly because of a complete lack of action. It should not have taken several public investigative reports, in-depth articles and a documentary. It should not have taken relentless pressure from supporters. It should not have taken a year-long formal investigation.

    We thank all the individuals who came forward — and we know that many more have been, and still are, suffering in silence. We support you and we believe you; you have always deserved safe and welcoming workplaces. We will not stop speaking out and pushing for improvements on your behalf. 

    #RCTID #BAONPDX #CutTheRotOut

  • 10/05/2022 9:31 AM | Anonymous

    A few words from John Nyen. 

    "Daddy, why didn't we get to move back and forward in the stands at the Timbers game like last time," she asked from the near slumber of bedtime.

    "You mean Tetris?" I stated

    "Yeah, Why didn't we Tetris," she asked as she rubbed her eyes.

    "Well, because we didn't win. Sometimes we do, but we didn't this time,' I said as I moved to the door.

    "I like when we do that. Can I have two more songs," she said.


    "What about You Are My Sunshine and Twinkle Twinkle," she said.

    "Ok, kiddo."

    She settled back under her blanket resting her head on the pillow underneath her Little Timbers and Little Thorns scarf hanging above her bed and looked at me.

    I started into the refrain, my voice still cracking from the game just yesterday.

    "You are my sunshine.... my only sunshine.... you make me happy, when skies are grey.... you'll never know dear, how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away...."

    I lifted my hands like we do at the game and she smiled.

    Closing the door softly I walked back from her bedtime routine past the banner I brought to the stadium to protest the stewardship of Merritt Paulson.

    I finally told her today about the truth of the Timbers and Thorns. I told her that they are run by bad men. That the people who run her favorite teams aren't good people. I told her that we support the teams because they are our teams, but that they can be owned by people who aren't good people.

    I've said to friends and to family that I run, in part, because if I keep myself healthy, I should be able to outlive the ownership of Merritt Paulson simply by age and attrition.

    Honestly, though, outliving Merritt Paulson's reign in Portland isn't just for me because I want to give my children the joy of cheering for a team that doesn't contain an ownership group that is actively involved in a hideous sexual abuse and domestic violence cover-up. I want my daughters to have the option, if they are lucky enough in life, to play soccer for a team that isn't owned by a man who I know employed a sociopathic monster and stayed friends with him even after he knew that he harassed, abused and demeaned the players under his watch.  

    For a long time, I thought about it and I realized I didn't want to give money and time to a man who actively seeks to protect employees who endanger, belittle and sexually harass their employees. I didn't want my team to have a fixer who goes out on domestic violence calls to shield players from the police and justice.

    So, I gave up my two season tickets in the winter of 2021. I stopped going to games unless I could get a ticket for free or buy one directly from a friend who already had a ticket. Even then it just felt wrong. I missed my friends, my passion for the team and one of my life loves. It was an enormously difficult decision but every single horrible thing that came out of the news in 2021 and 2022 reinforced that I did the right thing for me and my situation. I watched as, together, my friends grappled with what to do in their own life situations. Some gave up their tickets to one team or both, some made certain their voices were heard. All tried their best, as flawed human beings, to navigate a situation that they were put in by the feckless ownership group that runs both teams.

    The reality is this, though.

    Merritt Paulson does not deserve this city. Merritt Paulson does not deserve the supporters of the Portland Thorns. Merritt Paulson does not deserve the supporters of the Portland Timbers.

    The only way forward is for Merritt Paulson to sell the Thorns and Timbers. No firing of executives, peacemaking or gladhanding will solve this situation. The relationship is broken beyond repair with Merritt Paulson and his cronies. The only way we can move beyond this horrific situation as a fanbase is after the moment we watch Merritt Paulson slink back into the slime and disappear from the city. 

    There will be no peace until he is gone and no reconciliation until the last vestiges of his bullshit are swept from both teams.

    Until then, every sponsor, every partner, and every single financial institution that supports the Timbers and Thorns must be made aware that their money perpetuates a system that is designed to harbor and protect sexual, emotional and physical abuse of employees and players.

    We will outlast him. We will outlive him. We will pass along our love of these teams to our children and they to their children and we will endlessly tell the stories of the time we watched Merritt Paulson ooze out of Portland.

    And when I sing You Are My Sunshine and see that smile, I know that she will keep that hope alive. That one day she will stand in the North End and root for a Thorns or Timbers team that doesn't have a Paulson in the owner's box. And she will know that I did my best and that I stood up when it mattered. 

    Because you will not take our sunshine away.

    Views expressed in this piece do not necessarily reflect those of the 107IST, the Timbers Army, or the Rose City Riveters. 

  • 10/03/2022 11:30 PM | Jennifer Ingraham (Administrator)

    While we were prepared for the worst, nothing prepared us for what was contained in the USSF/Sally Yates report.

    We are seething and we are heartbroken.

    First and foremost: To all Portland Thorns players, past and present, you will always have our love and support. Words will never convey the pain we feel knowing that you had to endure anything less than the full support, respect, and encouragement of your coaches, staff, and club leadership. You were failed — multiple times and by many people.

    As a supporters group, you are an integral part of who we are and what we do. We show up and show our support for you. The findings detailed in this report (and we know there will be more to come) aren’t what you, or anyone else, signed up for.

    As a leadership group, we were lied to. Although we remained cautiously optimistic at each meeting and in each interaction with PTFC leadership, reading the report highlighted the multiple bold-faced lies we were told, both in meetings and in town halls.

    They said they couldn’t speak freely until the investigation results were public. “Wait until the results are in before reaching any conclusions,” they said. Well, we honored that request. The results are in. And those results are far worse than even the initial reports had indicated.

    The time for waiting has passed. The toxic culture that allowed these behaviors to exist and continue in our clubs’ organizations runs too long, too deep, and too high. Mike Golub and Gavin Wilkinson have no place in the Timbers and Thorns organization, or in Soccer City, USA; and Merritt Paulson and Peregrine Sports need to sell the teams. 

    In spite of the challenges, our members have told us repeatedly that they wish for us to remain in conversation with club leadership. Keep going to meetings. Keep the dialogue going. Having read the investigative report and its conclusions, however, we don’t see a way forward anymore.

    At this point and for the foreseeable future, the leadership of the 107IST, Timbers Army, and Rose City Riveters are suspending relations with the Portland Timbers and Thorns Football Club while the leadership team includes Merritt Paulson, Mike Golub, and Gavin Wilkinson. With playoffs approaching, yes, it means that game days might look different. It’s time to build a bonfire.

    The players make our clubs what they are. We, the supporters of the Portland Thorns and Portland Timbers, strive to make our support both in the stands and on the streets what it should be every day in Soccer City, USA. To supporters around the globe and to our regional supporters groups: This is it. This is the moment. We’ll need every one of us to come together to make our voices heard — from Providence Park to Portland, Maine, and from Paris and the Philippines. As each of us digest the information in this report and the forthcoming NWSL/NWSLPA investigative report, we need to answer the call: who are we.

    We were here before the current leagues and owners, and we’ll be here long after. Our love for Team/Town/Timbers Army and Rose City Riveters runs deeper than any league or ownership.

  • 09/28/2022 9:11 AM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    On Monday, September 19, the 107IST board, along with members of the Riveters and Timbers Army steering committees, met with Merritt Paulson. (Chris Wilson, VP of Member Services and Ticket Strategy, and Karina LeBlanc also attended as observers.)

    For many, this was the first meeting they'd ever had with Paulson. The board itself had not met with him since early 2020. For those who had met him before, some felt that those interactions were not always collaborative. For this meeting, however, everyone came to the table committed to actively and openly listen to each other.

    The goal of the meeting was to be able to ask Paulson the questions our supporters have had and to share the frustration they have expressed over the past year. We wanted to hear from him directly what the clubs are doing differently today, how the internal culture is changing, and how he plans to repair the relationship with supporters.

    We were able to ask direct questions and have a candid conversation about some tough topics — and most left the meeting feeling that the conversation was productive. While we cannot divulge what was shared with us for confidentiality and legal reasons, we can share what we discussed. Specifically, we asked the following:

    • Will you accept the findings and recommendations of the USSF, NWSL and NWSLPA investigations?
      • The DLA Piper investigation, in what was reported, seems to be incomplete. Are there plans to circle back with the players and talk with them?
    • If we were to roll back seven years, what would you do differently? What do you feel like you have taken away from the past 12 months? As the PTFC CEO, what education are you receiving and what are you engaging in, specifically, to ensure that this series of missteps does not continue? 
    • You have seen and heard the frustration that the supporters have about the investigations and the subsequent reporting coming out about the clubs. We recently conducted a survey. In it, nearly 81% of those responding as current members want us to increase pressure or push harder against the FO if no meaningful change happens. Many volunteers who contribute to the game day atmosphere and long-time supporters of both clubs feel disheartened with what they perceive as a lack of action and accountability. Many supporters who have been with the clubs since 2010 — or longer — are canceling their season tickets and/or are not attending matches. Many believe someone in leadership should be let go. 

      • What do those actions say to you?
      • How do you think about repairing the relationship with supporters now and into the future?
      • What are your thoughts on repairing views on the FO if folks don't see meaningful external improvements in FO behavior in light of what came out in The Athletic article about workplace behavior and folks' own interactions with you on social media?

    Paulson was clear that the FO is not able to discuss the investigations until the results are made public. We have asked the FO repeatedly to be fully open and transparent about events and the investigations, and there was recognition that beginning to repair the relationship with the community will be easier to do in the coming weeks. Paulson acknowledged the damage done and apologized to the room, which is a step forward. We are encouraged that once the results of the investigations are public, the FO will articulate much of the information shared with us in private over the past year. The board and the steering committees feel confident that the FO has been listening to our suggestions and feedback over the past year and has been implementing positive changes within the organization. 

    We want to be clear about what this meeting and this message is not — and that is, “That’s it. We’re done, so let’s get back to soccer!” We are aware of the complexities and emotions supporters and our community have been experiencing over the last 12 months — from showing up to protest for the NWSL players to have better protections and support, to deciding whether to renew season tickets. Over the last year, many supporters have made the tough decision to step away from the club, and others have reconsidered their decisions as each new chapter came to light. We, as the board and the steering committees, fully understand that. This is emotionally taxing for everyone.

    The board will continue to engage with the FO in monthly meetings, and we will always push for progress and express the voices of the supporters. We all volunteer and are supporters because we love and value these clubs, the players, and this community — rain or shine. 

    It is important to note: The U.S. Soccer Federation recently announced that their investigation is coming to a close and that they plan on publishing the full report in early October. The NWSL and NWSL Players Association investigation is ongoing and will be published once complete. We are looking forward to the results of these investigations, the E60 documentary and the outcome(s) for the FO. We may have more to say as those results are published.

  • 09/22/2022 3:00 PM | Chris Spalding (Administrator)

    The following is a post from Sunday on behalf of the Capos/DnTs for the Rose City Riveters and the Timbers Army.

    What is this #BYCAP thing you are just hearing about?  Well, it is a way for our loud sassy selves to do some good and help those in our communities learn how to use their voices with power and passion. (for those of us that are acronym nerds:  B - Buy  Y - Your  C - Capo   A - A   P - Pint )

    We (the Capo/DnT crews of both the Timbers Army and the Rose CIty Riveters) are here to share our hearts, our hopes, our frustrations, our passions with you, the supporters of Portland’s beautiful game (both in the stadium and those not attending in person). We buy our tickets, just like everyone else (often from the Fanladen/Ticket exchange!). We wave our scarves and support the NPO and RivetGear. Like you, we have our own game-day traditions (including getting anxious or amped before a match) and when we enter the woodshed with you, we do the unthinkable, and turn our backs on the pitch. We shred voice and limb in an effort to bring passion and power out of you, the supporters, knowing we will eventually see a replay of the game. We work as a team to try to amplify and direct the emotions and excitement into chants that can be heard and felt far beyond the terraces and the pitch of Providence Park. Spilling over the walls and down the streets outside of the park into our larger community.

    We do this because we love it. We have our collective voice and we share it with you and with the team. We are able to give power and strength to our voices as the Timbers Army & Rose City Riveters thanks to you, but there are many among us and around our community that do not have volume, or ability to be safe to speak, in their own neighborhoods, schools, or homes.

    We want to use our voices to help others. Those that are younger and need a little assistance to find their own unique voice. Those that have so much heart and emotion, but are unsure how to express it, or may need more guidance or support than others to find their own voice.  

    You can help us by buying any of the members of the Capo & DnT Crews a virtual “pint” at the matches on September 25 (Thorns) and October 2 (Timbers). No, please, do not buy us each a literal pint. Not only has there been an ongoing concession ban that we have been a part of, but our livers cannot take that kind of ’love’. Take the funds that you would use to buy a “thank-you pint,” and instead put it into the BYCAP collection buckets. 

    * Don’t live in Portland, but you wanna help?
    * Not going to be at the game?
    * Don’t carry cash?
      → You can also donate online for a limited time - choose either TA or RCR when donating!  ←

    100% of the BYCAP funds will go to help local youth find their voices. 

    Timbers Army BYCAP funds will be donated to Camp Meadowood Springs
    Rose City Riveters BYCAP funds will be donated to
    Skate Like A Girl: Portland Chapter

    BYCAP is unique.
    BYCAP is important.
    BYCAP is all thanks to you.

    BYCAP is how our team can give others the voice that we take for granted.

  • 09/04/2022 11:46 AM | Gabby Rosas (Administrator)

    The following is a joint response from the members of the 107IST Board, Rose City Riveters Steering Committee, and Timbers Army Steering Committee. 

    Over the last year, supporters have demanded accountability from the PTFC Front Office. The 107IST Board, the Rose City Riveters Steering Committee, and the Timbers Army Steering Committee have made these demands in the stands as well as in meetings between our leadership teams, in meetings with players, and as season ticket holders. To date, the club has made some changes and has instituted new policies, but we are concerned that without insight into the club’s operations, progress could be stalled. The Club’s commitment to an “action plan to bolster accountability, equity, and engagement” has been a major area of focus for the 107IST Board. 

    In March 2022, meetings resumed between the PTFC Front Office and the 107IST Board. The Board approached the initial meeting with two goals in mind - learning about the work and the plans the FO had in place and relaying the messages we received from our membership over the previous six months. This is where the Board first heard about the Club’s accountability initiatives and started asking questions, please see an update to the comparisons between the Club's initiatives and our demands. The Board provided suggestions to the Club regarding when and how to communicate these initiatives to the community. Since March, the Board has received updates on the initiatives and has driven conversations in relation to what else is going on with the club. 

    As a reminder, the 107IST board has been meeting with the PTFC Front Office, off and on, for over a decade and those meetings have varied in tone and outcomes. During these meetings, we are respectful of the confidentiality of some of the subject matter, but often encourage the FO to provide these updates to the broader community. The 107IST Board also uses this time to share out our own efforts. 

    The leadership of the 107IST, Riveters, and TA comprises over 30 individuals. These individuals come to the table with a variety of responses, hopes, and feelings about every new article or allegation. Past member surveys have shown us that our membership is also split on what actions or next steps are called for, and how best to move forward (Nov 2021 results, March 2022 results). Every statement or expression you see publicly is the result of days of back and forth internally, and we know that many of you are having these same discussions in your homes, workplaces, and internally. We are united in our disgust at what has taken place, and our frustration with the ongoing lack of concrete progress. We come from varied backgrounds, working in many different industries, and in none of those spaces would this kind of continued behavior or kick-it-under-the-sofa response be tolerated. Beyond accountability, someone must take responsibility. We are ready to see real action and progress being made, not just talk. 

    With that said, we are also doing our best to be patient while awaiting results of the different investigations, notably the NWSL/NWSLPA investigation as well as the USSF investigation. It is understood that those investigations are focused on the league, cover all teams, and we are hopeful that PTFC have been fully engaged and participating in those efforts. We also expect all club and league leaders, including those at PTFC, will support the findings of these independent investigations and will follow any and all recommendations that the investigators provide. 

    In the meantime, we will strive to support the players on the field, those who have spoken up and those who remain silent, and we will continue to build community the best way we know how. 

    We also want to better understand where you are at, either as a 107IST member, a season ticket holder, or a former supporter of PTFC. Please take 5 minutes to fill out this survey to help us gauge where our community is at.  

    To the brave staff and players, both current and former, who are working to make this a club worth believing in, we thank you. And to those who have come forward and shared your experiences and truth, we are grateful. The world needs more of your honesty and bravery and we regret the position a handful of leaders have put you in. 

    The 107IST board, the Rose City Riveters Steering Committee, and the Timbers Army Steering Committee want to express our gratitude to Ryan Clarke and The Oregonian for their reporting on the DLA Piper investigation of PTFC. We also want to thank the teams at The Athletic and ESPN for continued coverage of the issues surrounding this club. 

    Below are links to the articles and opinion pieces for anyone who is not familiar with the latest news coming out regarding our Club and the investigations:

  • 08/02/2022 11:43 AM | Rachel Greenough (Administrator)

    This August, we’ll be collecting items for the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO). We have a long-standing connection to IRCO, and we’re proud to support them again this year. Please consider picking something up on the way to a match or swinging by Fanladen during membership hours, so we can continue our support of this important organization.

    IRCO is always in need of disposable diapers to share with immigrant and refugee families in Portland. This is an essential and high need item, so please buy a pack or two of diapers and donate if you can! Shocked by the high price of these items? So are the families that need them. Please, they will only accept new items at this time– please only donate new, full toiletries items. The other high priority needs are as follows:

    • Disposable diapers (all sizes- highest priority)

    • Socks (child & adult sizes)

    • Underwear and bras (all sizes)

    • Feminine hygiene supplies

    • Toothbrushes and toothpaste (child & adult)

    • Hand soap and cleansers

    • Shampoo and conditioner

    IRCO provides support and empowering services for refugees from around the globe. Oregon has one of the fastest growing refugee and immigrant populations in the country, and IRCO is the main organization in Portland organizing services and support for new arrivals. 

    While IRCO has asked us to focus on specific items during this drive, they also have an ongoing need for other items to support refugee communities in Portland. Please see this document from IRCO about their needs. We will accept any of these wish list items as well, and you are welcome to support them via monetary donation or wishlist at any time.

    Finally, Irco has some really cool events coming up! If you’re interested in learning more about what they do, or in volunteering with the organization, keep an eye on the newsletter and socials where we will be sharing more information as it is finalized. 

    Thank you for your support of the community.

    What: Donation drive for IRCO

    Where: Fanladen 1633 SW Alder (just a couple blocks from the stadium)

    When: Match days in August; Wednesday membership hours; Check the newsletter for open hours

  • 07/04/2022 11:14 AM | Rachel Greenough (Administrator)

    It’s July and time to pick up some extra school supplies for match day drives! 

    Please help us collect brand new school supplies for Youth Organized and United to Help (! These items will be distributed to kids in east county at a neighborhood YOUth event in early September, to ensure that every child has what they need to be successful this school year.  This organization is in the process of building an even stronger presence in the area as it moves into its first physical location this summer. This event will help build their physical presence in the neighborhood and provide services and support to their community. Let's help them get set up with some school supplies!

    Items needed include: backpacks, binders, spiral notebooks, notebook paper, dry erase markers and erasers, sharpies, pencils, highlighters, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, crayola markers, colored pencils, glue sticks, dividers, lunchboxes, and/or gift certificates to Fred Meyer or similar stores (to help purchase back-to-school clothing and additional supplies). Please donate new items only for this drive. 

    Drop off donations anytime Fanladen is open in July. Stop by before a match (Thorns: 7/16; Timbers: 7/17 and 7/23) or during membership hours on Wednesday nights (check social media and newsletter for specific hours to be sure we’ll be there!). Fanladen is located at 1633 SW Alder.

    Thank you so much for your generous donations– You are helping to make an impact in the community and strengthen the 107IST partnership with local organizations.

    What: School Supplies drive for

    When: All of July! Match days and member hours.

    Where: Fanladen, 1633 SW Alder

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