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Game Day Announcement

02/14/2023 3:13 PM | Jennifer Ingraham (Administrator)

Our stadium has evolved over time, but one thing remains constant—The North End. The supporters of today—and of the future—simply want leadership from our Front Office. That desire is an extension of why we are in the North End in the first place: Team, Town, and Timbers Army/Rose City Riveters. Even from our earliest humble days, we have always been here to support the players and celebrate our community, while also seeking and speaking truth.

While the Timbers Army, Rose City Riveters, and 107IST board continue to push for accountability and changes in our Front Office, we are going to use the celebration of the players to help heal our community. Supporting the players in the stands doesn't mean not holding the Front Office accountable. Rather, the two goals work in concert with one another. We want a Front Office as aligned and excited about our ethos and mission as we are; an organization that our community deserves. Our work is not finished. That work cannot punish the players who work day in and day out to produce results and go through the highs and lows of emotions—just like us. If we let the North End fall silent, those who abuse power will not face opposition.

We ask each of you—regardless of how long you have been a supporter—to bring the energy, the noise, the passion. Remember the reasons why you first started coming and returning to matches, and harness those reasons with the frustration you may have to make sure everyone knows the North End is not going away. A unified North End is a powerful tool to support the players and bring accountability.

We also recognize that, for some supporters, the transgressions of the Front Office cut too deeply to allow them to stand in the North End right now. Despite their deep love for Team, Town, and TA/Riveters, the pain caused by the actions of PTFC executive leaders is so profound and unforgivable that they cannot see themselves at Providence Park while the current owners remain. If this is where you are as a supporter, we recognize and empathize with your dilemma. We can be unified in other ways to support our teams. Together, we can assist with match day drives, organize watch parties, and be present and passionate supporters at away games. We know you love the Timbers and Thorns, and we want to join you in making sure players hear your voices and feel your support.

Let’s get stuck in with our hearts and voices to help heal and move forward.

Onward, Rose City!


  • 02/15/2023 12:32 PM | Travis Chesney
    You are literally telling supporters that if they have a problem with an abusive owner, they should just stay quiet and stay out of the North End.

    This is an absolute counter to everything the TA and North End stand for. You are not only purposely excluding supporters, but those supporters who stand against sexual abuse and the mistreatment of women.

    How can you possibly say that you are supporting players when you are intentionally quashing the efforts to protect them? You are ignoring the vast majority of supporters who ate not okay with an owner who lied, mistreated female staff, interfered in an investigation and covered up sexual abuse.

    You can't heal a wound you refuse to treat. We expect better from the organization that is supposed to represent all of us.

    The Board is going to quickly realize supporters want action, not indifference.
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    • 02/15/2023 1:39 PM | Michael Bales
      The post doesn’t say that.
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      • 02/15/2023 2:21 PM | Travis Chesney
        This is in response to multiple requests for protest. It's a statement asking people to come to games and cheer, and not do anything else. There is zero action plan to speak against the FO, there is no statement against Merritt as an owner - as it reads, it says if you will be in the North End, the expectation is to cheer, not to protest. And if you are upset about ownership, stay home.

        They are also diminishing the power of the silent protest, arguably the most effective protest we've had - one that visibly bothered Merritt Paulson. We don't "simply want leadership from our Front Office" - we want a man who mistreated women to not represent the organization.

        What the FO wants is people in seats spending money and making it seem like the situation is normal. That's what Merritt wants as he waits for this to all blow over.

        I want nothing more than to be back in the North End, cheering like I've done for years along with everyone. I miss it deeply. But every dollar spent in that stadium, ticket or otherwise, goes into the pocket of someone who enabled abuse of women.
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        • 02/15/2023 2:49 PM | Ed Hurtley
          107ist, as an organization, can't organize active anti-FO protests inside the stadium. All special stadium access would be revoked for sure - to set up tifo, bring in large flags/banners, etc.

          If you as an individual want to - go ahead! What this statement is saying is that it understands that some individuals choose to not attend at all, not to feel less about them.
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          • 02/15/2023 8:19 PM | Gordon Vanderstelt
            Sometimes when you have special privileges and you speak up you risk losing those privileges. You speak up because it's the right thing to do.
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      • 02/16/2023 4:04 AM | Cindy Mooney
        Yeah, it kinda does.
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  • 02/15/2023 2:52 PM | sofia chambers
    Protesting against the Front Office does not punish players.

    Our SG should not be hiding behind players instead of taking action.

    It sounds an awful like those who say "kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful to soldiers, or cops, or whomever.."
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  • 02/15/2023 3:02 PM | Megan Rabone
    A profoundly disappointing stance.
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  • 02/15/2023 7:23 PM | Ross Bennett
    Man this is super disappointing… I didn’t renew my season tickets after 12 years of being a STH, but renewed for the 107ist because I thought I could at least fight with you all. This hurts.
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  • 02/15/2023 9:01 PM | Ben Shumaker
    All y’all needed to do was start this post with “We will be protesting the FO this year. We will also be supporting OUR club.”
    All y’all needed to to was start the tweet with “This is OUR club.”
    You didn’t. Instead you alienated many. That was a choice.
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  • 02/15/2023 10:34 PM | Mike Francis
    I don’t think this is helpful.
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  • 02/15/2023 11:31 PM | Mike Mueller
    A perfectly sound and rational decision: a SUPPORTERS group that SUPPORTS its players. Bravo! Thank you!
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  • 02/16/2023 7:22 AM | Mike Eisele
    Thank you for this decision. I fully support. Protest outside, cheer inside. Lets go!
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  • 02/16/2023 9:28 AM | Jamie Krueger

    nah, this is garbage
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  • 02/16/2023 10:01 AM | Anne Bower
    Man this post is a bummer. I dropped my season tickets this year but renewed my 107ist membership in the hopes of continuing to put meaningful pressure on MP to sell the team. Healing requires accountability which I have not seen in any convincing way from the FO. I will not be renewing next year if the plan is to go back to the good old days and hope the FO has a magical change of heart while the TA generates increased revenue for them.
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  • 02/16/2023 11:00 AM | Ryan Dyson
    I absolutely agree with this statement. There have been A LOT of changes happening in the FO, and there are more to come, I'm sure. Let's continue pushing for change in the FO without forgetting that the reason we are here in the first place is for the club and the players!
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    • 02/20/2023 10:36 AM | Eric Johnson
      I 100% agree with you Ryan. And among other things, actively protesting during matches and boycotting altogether are great ways to help continue our push for change and support the players.

      If players are informed and understand, then they should be happy to play before a mad crowd or a crowd of none until they have a new owner because they will be paid regardless, know their fans are still their fans, and know that a sale will be swift enough, without having to lift a finger or tip a hat to their opinion.

      And, informed & respectable players who watch such protest and change play out to its rightful end would want to come play here under new ownership when we return like the crazed, awesome, effing dignified fans we are who Stood Up For The Players.

      That’s what the protesters have been about. It’s time the 107IST and SGs take a leading roll. Make waves. Make headlines. Help create the change so we can move forward. Even if we have to relinquish our organizational status and later reconstitute, it’s worth the sacrifice.

      He Knew! He enabled. He covered up. He lied, deflected, and blamed. He feigned accountability. He knew, yet remained friends with these lowlifes, and apparently treated pregnant women shamefully himself. He effing knew, and many lives were irreversibly scarred. Accountability now means working together to see MP/Peregrine removed from Oregon sports. Playing nice to get just a Thorns sale is insufficient. He must be scrubbed clean away.

      I’d much rather have a Board willing to sacrifice for the greater good than working for self-preservation. The pragmatic approach of sitting on the fence hoping for change is no longer a viable option.

      Pick a side of the fence Board, then work to kick out of Our house who you feel should go: MP, or protesters. Anything less than clear, top priority MP removal, is more power to him. And you’ve hindered protesters for too long. Declare yourself, unambiguously, please.

      We cannot wait a season or years for a sale of just the Thorns, nor do we want separate clubs, and we shouldn’t have MP involved or profiting in any way from our hard earned dough.

      Time is his friend. Multiple employees volunteered to me last spring that the internal mindset was to ‘wait it out’. Before the Ukraine match and all the crap p.r., the b.s. town halls and meetings with the Board, and the promises of transparency, accountability and change, there was a plan: waiting out those who were going to be upset and show it, believing that with time and their lawyer/p.r. schemes, MP’s rear would be saved.

      I feel I need to hold you, the 107IST Board and SG Boards to account. You took an fairly unambiguous stance a few months ago. A stance I resoundingly agree with. Do you stand strong still? I ask because this post and lack of actions since the post-Yates statement call it into question. With all due respect.

      I stand ready to support the reclamation of Our club from an unreformed dirtbag. We need You to ring the bells and blow the horns. We need you to organize, educate, and motivate. We need you to represent the majority of us, who happen to want to fight for what’s good and just.

      Thanks for all you do to represent us, who are also you, as we strive to create a better world for today’s children and future generations. We are one community united, with a grand ethos worth fighting for.
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  • 02/16/2023 4:39 PM | Melissa Swenson
    This is a very disappointing statement, by declining to protest in the North End, the 107IST is giving up one of the most powerful tools it has, the power of a large, united protest that is seen and heard by the rest of the stadium and on a national platform that reminders people that the Paulsons still own the Timbers and Thorns and hasn't been held accountable for enabling abuse, harrassment, and a toxic culture. Meanwhile the LA Galaxy supporters are boycotting for the orgnization extending the contract of their President after the league susended him for a year (link at the bottom).

    Given this statement on GDO, my questions for the 107IST leadership:
    1. What role do you see the 107IST taking, if any, in driving accountability and change?
    2. What does accountability for the FO look like now?
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  • 02/20/2023 9:06 AM | Eric Johnson
    Can we start where we left off last year, with the joint statement following the Yates report? We are done with MP and his stank brand of indifference to the grotesque mistreatment of women and subordinates.

    He’s no longer art of the PTFC family. He had his chance to be transparent, compliant and accountable. He failed, repeatedly.

    He cannot be allowed to continue to be a profiteer of the clubs that we’ve built, many of whom are no longer with us. The North End made US soccer what it is today. It’s time to take the power back and show the world what we will and won’t tolerate.

    His continued ownership says to the world, ‘Yeah, even Progressive Portland is ok with Mr. Knew.’ And people will continue to suffer because of it. Enablers and abusers of power will see once again that they can get away with it.

    Look, PTFC is profitable, so investors are interested. A sale doesn’t need to take years. It could be done in a couple of months, if properly motivated. Let’s help motivate this turd down the toilet.

    Board members: a pile of shit unexpectedly fell in your laps 16mos ago. I’m sorry. I respect with gratitude Everyone who has given of their time, energy and resources to others in good faith through the SGs before and since all this. But now it’s time we all drop what we’re doing, come together, organize, clean up and carry on.

    Two teams, one club. Club over caretakers. Social justice now. Community & ethics first. We’re setting the example for our kids and theirs. Let’s show them that we’ll sacrifice for their greater good. 107IST & SG board & committee members: please stand up and take unambiguous action.

    Thanks for all you do.
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  • 02/25/2023 5:07 PM | Cindy Mooney
    This is SO disappointing. Had already renewed early but will seriously reconsider renewing after this statement.

    You may have well just said “we give up. MP wins.”
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