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It Did Happen Here Exhibit

06/23/2023 3:54 PM | Chris Spalding (Administrator)

Swing by 1919 SW Morrison this weekend for the soft opening of It Did Happen Here, an exhibit that chronicles the anti-fascist movement in Portland. Starting tonight, June 23 before or after the Thorns match, the exhibit will be on display through the end of July for everyone who swings by the space before or after matches.  

It Did Happen Here: An Antifascist People's History is a 2020 oral history book by Erin Yanke, Celina Flores, Moe Bowstern, Mic Crenshaw, and Alec Dunn. The book tells the story of the anti-fascist movement in Portland, Oregon, in the late 20th century.

The book begins with the murder of Ethiopian immigrant Mulugeta Seraw in 1988 by white supremacist skinheads. In response, a diverse group of activists came together to form Anti-Racist Action (ARA) and Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARP). These groups used a variety of tactics, including street violence, to combat white nationalist violence and right-wing organizing in Portland.

It Did Happen Here is a powerful and inspiring story of how ordinary people can come together to fight against fascism. The book is full of interviews with activists who were involved in the movement, and it provides a unique perspective on the history of anti-fascism in the United States.

The book has been praised by critics for its timely message and its powerful storytelling. It has been called "a must-read for anyone who cares about fighting fascism" and "a vital contribution to the history of anti-fascism in the United States."

If you are interested in learning more about the anti-fascist movement, we highly recommend It Did Happen Here. It is a well-written and informative book that will give you a deeper understanding of this important movement. They also have a podcast with eleven episodes, which you can access here

For the hours of operation at 1919 SW Morrison, please check the calendar here.

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