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If you want to be part of the Timbers Army or Rose City Riveters, you already are.

10/03/2023 11:20 AM | Chris Spalding (Administrator)

The following is a guest blog post by Sunday White on behalf of the TA and Riveters’ Capos/DnT.

This is what I know in my heart. I shout it at the top of my lungs with my peers, my friends, my community. I feel that in my bones, with the beat of the drums, the blow of the horns, and the roar of the supporters. But what are we... without you

We (the Capos and the DnT) are nothing without you. It is our love and passion for the players, for our neighbors in the stands, for our community here, in Portland and abroad that drives us to buy tickets to be here and volunteer to turn our back to the pitch, to hype everyone up and become a united wave of passion and support that our teams can FEEL on the pitch. With you we create a raucous, joyous cacophony that drives our players on, so they know they are not alone. They hear your community VOICE, your PASSION, and your LOVE for the beautiful game. 

On an annual basis, we show our love and passion through this BYCAP event. Our goal is to help amplify those voices in our community that are most vulnerable. Children that for a variety of reasons cannot use their voices, are unable to get what is in your head or heart OUT to be heard. Those that have been stifled, and muted, or are barely whispers becuse of oppression, assault, or abuse. 

BYCAP funds raised will provide help to the voices of children and mothers in our neighborhoods, to aid them in becoming strong and confident, to provide them with the support they need to communicate their dreams, ideas, and opinions. I know I spend a lot of time yelling, but I also want to listen, to HEAR all of your voices and theirs, the chants and drumbeats of our community.

So - what is this BYCAP thing exactly?

As the season is becoming extra tense (or wrapping up) often folks are feeling kind and nostalgic for the events of the season, and many want to “buy us (Capos, DnT) a pint” to say thanks. Thanks for helping to hype the crowd, to keep us all on time, to provide eyes and assistance when there is an interloper or altercation, to represent good habits (drink water, use sunblock), and in general for each of us buying our own tickets to turn our backs to the pitch for the season, so the sound of the North End can roll across the pitch, resonate beyond the PP rooftop and through the neighborhood. All because we have passion for our teams on the pitch. 

While we all appreciate the random beverage, our livers can only take so much at once. We want to accept your appreciation and do something powerful with it. Thus BYCAP was born. 

*Buy Your Capo A Pint  [or other thank you goodie]

It has been noted that our livers cannot take so much thanks… so…  instead we have collection buckets out at our stage, nests and drums, and we ask you to donate that ‘pint’ (or soda, water, coffee) money to our fundraiser so we can help others find their voice the way we have. We get the “thank you” vibes and affection AND our community gets much needed help and support.

On the last regular season match for both the Thorns and the Timbers please take a few spare bucks, change, or whatever you would be willing to use to give us a ‘thank you’ and instead, put the funds in a BYCAP bucket, or donate online. Help us save our livers and make a big difference in the strength and volume of our community. 

100% of proceeds raised (both in person and online) for BYCAP will be donated.

Please help us surpass prior years fundraising by donating and signal boosting this event. 

>>>  GOAL: meet and surpass the BYCAP best year  <<< 

>>>    $6240-  the combined amount   <<<

>>>    TA and RCR 2019 BYCAP   <<<

A donation link will be available on the open access part of the website for the month of October. This will provide time for both TA & RCR BYCAP matches, and some extra time in case of budgets and paydays, for those that may not be able to make it to the stadium, but want to say "Thanks for your passion” to the Capos/DnT.

2023 BYCAP proceeds will be donated to: 

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