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08/23/2019 8:33 AM | Jennifer Ingraham (Administrator)

Dear Timbers and MLS,

When you ban a symbol that stands for resistance to oppression, you are siding with the oppressors.

Everything else is just noise.

Jeremy Wright


  • 08/23/2019 6:40 PM | Brett Derby
    That’s the thing...the left are the oppressors. In thought and speech.
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    • 08/24/2019 12:07 AM | Bren
      What thought of yours are they suppressing?
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  • 08/24/2019 7:44 AM | its sports not politics
    Shame Shame Shame ….This loss is 100% on you Timbers Army. Way to put your team in a funk to start the game …..oh of course the Seattle fans agreed to play along, as they laughed all the way to the win. As a third generation Oregonian, I’ve been coming to the Timbers game since the days of watching the sweat pore off of John Bain as he ran up and down the pitch, or the memorable moment at the stadium of seeing Pele play. I was there, and during all the years of watching my green and gold I’ve never witnessed a shittier display from the fans. The way the Timbers Army has been more focused on political statements and less and less on the game, is one of the main reasons I moved my season tickets this year, from the TA to the reserved seating of section 99. I’ve watched the Timbers Army fans more and more concerned on which limited edition patch they have on their sleeveless Levis jacket and less and less on what is happing on the pitch. It sure was great to see everyone in the Timbers Army finally cheer in the thirty third minute, but did you see the score ….Your team was already down a goal and with the silent display you put on, you helped create that scoreline with your grand political statement …. and guess what…. the MLS owners don’t care, the game was still a sell out, if you really want to make a statement stay home and let the true fans root for our team.
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    • 08/24/2019 1:01 PM | mattamoros
      I kinda of think the players were too focused on what was going on on the pitch to be affected by what was going on in the stands. It is not "100% on you ,Timbers Army", which is, by the way, a strange use of the third person for someone who watched the sweat pore off John Bain and is trying to establish that they have been a long time one of us.
      Your whole post seems a little contrived: Today's Army is mostly concerned with making a fashion statement (?!?!); and again, towards the end, you repeatedly say "your team" instead of "our team". Of course, whoever you are, you have every right to express your opinion and feel as grumpily dis-enfranchised from the Army as you like. Just cut out the people-like-me-are-the-only "true fans"' crap. Enjoy section 99.
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