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08/16/2019 4:33 PM | Jennifer Ingraham (Administrator)

The following is a post by Patch Perryman.

Take a moment during this first sentence because you’re going to need the extra time to get focused before you read the next sentence very slowly — and deliberately.

This entire disagreement over the symbol with three arrows and a circle is about you.

Yeah, that was harsh. Not really any other way to put it though.

Here’s why this is so.

You’ve been enjoying the matches, activities, and community for however long it’s been. You’ve got your rituals that you follow on your match days. There are people you hope to see in the stadium and long lists of steps you take to have a fun time with the footy.

And now, your go-to routine is getting disrupted ... because of a symbol.

And you know what: It’s not even over a symbol, but over the arguments about a symbol.

You seem to be having a tough time with this whole Iron Front business.

Yeah, a really tough time.

You just wanna enjoy some soccer with your friends and a few drinks. Sure, yeah. That makes sense.

You paid for the ticket, maybe even waited in line for a few hours. Got your favorite place. Same one. Every time.

But after a while, all the flags and the smoke and the singing and the moving around … it’s getting kinda bothersome, right?

Those drums are really loud! Can’t you just enjoy the sounds of the players and maybe hear the announcer?

And those jerks in standing in front! They block your view and are always waving their arms and telling you to get off your phone and they’re interrupting you while you’re texting your friends and family members who couldn’t make it to the game and you just want to let them know that you’re having a great time without them anyway and besides you have a handful of cheap beer and food that’s at least twice the normal price that you could buy outside the stadium so of course you can’t clap or jump because what if you spill it?

And now there’s this whole political speech stuff? “Man, I don’t need that at a match,” you’re thinking.

You know you best of all after all, and you just want to enjoy some footy.

You know what happens when you make it all about you?

You wind up being the only one left when everyone who was looking out for you are gone.

Because every person with an Iron Front statement, stencil, symbol, what-have-you? They’re the ones who consider people other than themselves.

And they are looking out and standing up for you.

Because there are some wealthy, empowered, connected, very selfish and angry people who don’t want the selfless people to keep standing.

So, while you’re reading and dismissing what’s the best course of action or you’re complaining about how you can’t see the run of play or you’re shouting that the noise about this symbol is making your beer stale or you’re lamenting about whatever you think is making your game day so awful, those powerful folks get louder and scream at the selfless people ordering them to sit down and shut up.

And they aren’t getting supported by you.

Yes, you.

Selfish you.

You, are worth standing up for.

Imagine if You, all of You, were Us?



  • 08/25/2019 4:13 PM | No mas
    “Grow some f$&king balls!”-patch?
    Who was that about? You or Us?
    Moreover this is not about symbols, it’s about entitlement and continues movements of elitism by the TA where everyone needs to look in the mirror. Then decide what you support. Is it the club the community or the idea of supporting the club and community and how your identity is tied to it? And is the nature of that support inclusive of others and not a competition that is inherently dismissive of those deemed unworthy based on a closed circle of gatekeepers.
    But please tell me more about how screaming misogyny is about us.
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