Board initiatives update

16 Dec 2020 11:09 PM | Jennifer Ingraham (Administrator)

As we have discussed in past posts, the board has committed to improvement in five areas of focus this year. We have promised to:

  • Improve accessibility.
  • Hear from members.
  • Communicate more.
  • Increase accountability.
  • Evaluate the organization’s structure and activities.

We’d like to share some of the steps we’ve taken in these areas with our members and with the general public.

This week, we’ll look at our successes and our next steps to Evaluate the organization’s structure and activities, in particular the changing of 107IST board structure and member representation.

What we’ve accomplished:

Created pathways for participation and representation: We have evaluated board structures and processes to create more pathways for participation and representation of 107IST members who identify as BIPOC, as well as formalizing processes to ensure pathways for board representation from both Timbers Army and Riveters 107IST members.

In the past, the eleven 107IST board members have either been elected by voting members, or — in some cases — appointed by the board to complete the term of a board seat that has been vacated early. Because we recognize the structural barriers to participation inherent in this system, we’ve changed the way some board seats are filled.

To create more pathways for participation and representation, the board now consists of seven elected members serving three-year terms, and (up to) four additional appointed members serving one-year terms: one appointed from the Timbers Army Steering Committee, one appointed from the Riveters Steering Committee, and two appointed from the 107IST BIPOC Committee. (Read more about the changes to election and appointment processes here and see who next year’s elected and appointed board members are here.)

The following committees forward their recommended candidates to the board for one-year appointments:

(Note: If a committee does not have a recommended candidate for a seat, that seat will remain open for the following calendar year.)

Timbers Army Steering Committee (one board candidate): Along with many volunteers, the Timbers Army Steering Committee leads tifo, game day operations (capos, drums and trumpets, and flag crew), merchandise (No Pity Originals), and communications for the Timbers Army. It works closely with other committees under the 107IST umbrella. The Timbers Army Steering Committee comprises members of core aspects of the gameday experience — capos, drums and trumpets (DnT), flag crew, tifo crew, and merch (NPO) — with board resources and support from key committees. This year’s board candidate is Darren Lloyd, who will be serving on the 107IST board in the 2021 calendar year.

Riveters Steering Committee (one board candidate): Along with many volunteers, the Riveters Steering Committee leads tifo, game day operations, travel, merch, communications, etc. for the Rose City Riveters (Supporters Group for the Portland Thorns). The Riveters Steering Committee did not forward a candidate for board consideration for the 2021 calendar year.

107IST BIPOC Committee: (two board candidates): The BIPOC committee is made up of individuals who identify as Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). Members of the 107IST BIPOC committee are volunteering their time and knowledge in order to ensure the 107IST is a more inclusive organization where all members’ voices are heard and respected. This year’s board candidates are Dominique Whittaker and Lindy Lacson, who will be serving on the 107IST board in the 2021 calendar year.

Next steps: We are continuing to identify the means to creating pathways to leadership for more of our membership, both through the above-named committees and through work in other 107IST committees.

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