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A statement from the 107IST on MLS and NWSL proposed return to play

05/27/2020 11:42 AM | Jennifer Ingraham (Administrator)

As we try to come to grips with the realities of the current situation, we see many organizations attempting to find a way to return to some semblance of normalcy.

While we’re hopeful for the return of sport as fans, our concern lies squarely with the health and safety of players, coaches, support staff, and the community at large. We continue to have reservations that a return to play happening too quickly risks too much.

We await the day when we can safely support our squads in person. Until then, we wish everyone good health. 


  • 05/27/2020 9:04 PM | Anonymous
    I don't disagree with the statement, but I do wonder why we came out with a position at all. Not only do we not know what the MLS has determined, we don't know if it will have any impact on the 107ists or the Timebers Army.

    If the players or the Players Union had asked us for a statement in solidarity, then a response would be appropriate. Similarly, if the league had asked us for a formal opinion as fan representatives, then a response would be appropriate.

    In the meantime let's use our voice for supporting the club, creating a safe and welcoming environment in the stands and helping our local community be healthy and prosper.
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