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107IST Provides Mini-Grants to Community Organizations

05/13/2020 9:42 PM | Sherrilynn Rawson (Administrator)

Like much of the rest of the world, since the advent of COVID-19 worldwide, everything at Providence Park and the surrounding neighborhood seems frozen in time. The pitch remains clear and pristine, the turf remaining upright and untrodden for months. The voices and drums of supporters are silent. The stands are empty. The tifo rigging remains untouched since early March. Painting in the warehouse has ceased, and places we haunt for our pre-and post-game rituals are mostly shuttered. When you’re a footy supporter in the midst of a pandemic, what is your role? What are you to do when the game has ceased for the moment?

At this moment of navigating uncharted waters together, the 107 Independent Supporters Trust has turned our focus to the “town” part of the “team, town, Timbers Army & Rose City Riveters” part of our mission. We may not be able to show our support in the stands, but we are working to support our communities:

This past month, supporters have given their time and their volunteer efforts to supply cloth face masks to community members in need — and more opportunities to provide this support are starting this week.

In April, the 107IST board also announced a revised budget for 2020 that allocated $20,000 for grants for community partners. This money is a combination of saving on expenses, a reallocation of our current funds, and a redirection of other donations. We are happy to report that we are currently accepting applications, and we expect to begin awarding grants shortly after receiving applications.

Who is eligible?

Applying organizations should be based in or around the greater Portland metro area, and money must be managed and spent locally.

Applying organizations must be established with the goal or mission to serve communities in the Greater Portland area. Examples of services provided include, but are not limited to, those addressing hunger, houselessness, domestic violence, and education; and serving populations such as houseless persons, undocumented persons, native populations, LGBTQIA, and other underserved communities.

Priority will be given to organizations that serve populations that are more likely to be neglected by other forms of subsidies, such as loan programs, unemployment support, and government stimulus monies.

How much will each successful organization be awarded?

Individual grants have no minimum amount. The maximum awarded will be $1,000 per grant.

How much will be awarded altogether?

At this time, a maximum of $20,000 is the total amount of the budget that the board of directors agreed was a cost we could incur and still remain fiscally responsible stewards of member dollars.

How do organizations apply?

Grant applications are available here. For more information, or for questions about how the grant is administered, drop us a line.

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