What you need to know for Timbers and Thorns match days

10/27/2021 3:54 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

Boycott concessions and merchandise

Three weeks ago, our leadership teams called for our members to boycott concessions and official team merchandise until significant changes are made to our club’s organization — changes that will focus on the players and increased transparency. We continue to ask for your support in this boycott.

You can read more about our demands here.

The Portland Thorns players have also listed out three demands for the club:

  • That the investigations proceed immediately, and that our GM, Gavin Wilkinson, be placed on administrative leave until the process concludes.
  • That there be an increase in the diversity of voices within the club’s board of executives.
  • That we, the players of the club, gain seats at the table in order to increase transparency, accountability, and cooperation between the players and the front office.

The NWSLPA have provided their own list of demands for the league, which can be found on their website.

24th-minute activities

The Riveters have published more information about the protest, the players’ asks, and how to participate here. The key pieces for the Timbers match today are:

  • Smoke at the 24th minute will continue. The 24th minute was chosen because Sinead Farrelly’s original number with the Thorns was 24 and 6 (2+4=6 ) was Mana Shim’s number.
  • During the 24th minute, TA or Riveters capos may be on the main stage waving Riveters flags while we chant “Protect the Players.”
  • Bring in two-sticks or signs showing your support of the players or your displeasure with the current situation. We have been told that as long as signs do not violate the PTFC code of conduct and do not have profanity or threats, they will be allowed in.
  • Pick up a flyer or two from the 107IST membership table located on the concourse in the North End that gives more detail about what and why we are doing this.

Beyond what we are currently doing, we are working on next steps that can increase pressure for systemic change. We are not taking this lightly. Stay tuned. If you have suggestions for additional actions we can take as an organization, please let us know. We are stronger together.

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