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For the Rose City, Mask Up!

08/13/2021 9:39 PM | Gabby Rosas (Administrator)

The following is from the 107IST Board of Directors:

The Delta variant is here and it is having a significant impact on our community already. Hospitals are full and the Governor is deploying support in anticipation of the situation getting worse. While local officials are working to develop public policies to combat the spread of Delta, the 107IST board is urging our members to mask up, wash your hands, keep a safe distance, and get vaccinated if you are able. 

If you are going to the stadium, it is especially critical that you are masking up throughout, even in your seats

The 107IST, Timbers Army, and Rose City Riveters have many medical and research professionals in our mix and they have been advocating for our community to follow the most recent OHSU recommendations issued in a statement this week.

OHSU is asking for Oregonians to take immediate action by changing our behaviors back to mask-wearing, social-distancing, and getting and encouraging the vaccine.

… both vaccinated and unvaccinated people who need to interact with the community should follow at least two of these three precautions:

  1. Wear your mask indoors in all public spaces or with people outside of your household; wear your mask outdoors where physical distancing is not possible.
  2. Limit gatherings; if you do gather, do it outside.
  3. Physically distance whenever possible.

We support the PTFC Front Office’s proactive approach to have a mask mandate as opposed to the mere recommendation to wear masks. This is a good first step but the board feels this policy should apply throughout the stadium, including in your seats. The 107IST board has asked the PTFC Front Office to extend the current mask protocols by requiring masks be worn throughout the stadium and at all times. We should follow OHSU’s recommendations for individuals to wear masks during outdoor activities when social distancing is not possible. With the stadium open at full capacity, social distancing is not possible.

The 107IST is advising its members, the Timbers Army, and the Rose City Riveters, to wear masks throughout the stadium. We have face masks available at the Fanladen pre-match for those who need one. Starting this weekend, the seats closest to the capo nests and the main stage will be taped off to give our volunteers more clearance from other supporters. Please respect this buffer. 

In addition to the mask mandate, we have let the PTFC Front Office know we support a vaccination requirement for all upcoming matches. Variants of the virus continue to emerge; as long as the stadium operates at full capacity, there will be a risk of a major outbreak. For those who are not medically able to get a vaccine, we asked that they are able to provide refunds or credits to accounts. By maintaining this protocol for the rest of the year, it also alleviates the need to repeatedly update procedures and minimizes confusion for attendees.

The 107IST is also putting a hold on additional Away Day planning at this time. We are facilitating refunds as needed for any matches that are actively on sale if your plans have changed. Please email to request a refund to any upcoming match for which you have already purchased tickets.

We have updated our 2021 Matchday FAQs to reflect these changes as well as update on our other activities. 


  • 08/14/2021 12:49 PM | Anonymous
    Well stated. Thank you! Hopefully this will help set off a chain reaction that has everyone wearing masks.
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