Unless you are taking a road trip out of town, no need to rent a car to get around Portland. From the moment you pick up your bags from the airport carousel, you can take advantage of the metro regional transit system, TriMet. And if you want a little more freedom, bring your walking shoes or rent a bike and helmet – the locals’ favorite mode of transit.

Pedestrians: There’s lots to see in Portland by foot, and for some reason cars are very friendly to walkers. Metro, our regional government, provides free downloadable walking maps to historic neighborhoods and scenic natural areas around the region. The Portland: Pearl District and Nob Hill walk begins and ends at Providence Park. Another favorite walking map of downtown Portland can be picked up at any Powell’s Books.

Transit System: TriMet is our regional transit system. It provides bus, light rail (MAX), and trams to help residents and visitors alike get around town. Day passes are the most convenient way to use TriMet and can be purchased for $5 at ticket machines at MAX platforms, at streetcar ticket machines (once you’ve boarded), or directly from bus drivers.

Bike Rentals: If you want to get around the city by bike there are plenty of rental companies to choose from, but here are a couple in NW Portland: Pedal Bike Tours and Portland Bicycle Tours. Additionally, the BIKETOWN bike share system has a kiosk conveniently located at Providence Park. Please wear a helmet!

Cabs: There are several taxi companies in Portland, but they are rarely used by locals. If you want an authentic Portland experience, look for one of the dozens of pedicabs serving the downtown area. And remember, if you ate a big dinner, you should probably tip big too. If you really need a taxi, try Radio Cab, 503-227-1212 – and hey, your driver might just be Timbers Army.

Car Rentals: You will only need a car if you are planning a day trip outside of Portland. We have all the regular rental companies, so use your favorite search engine or travel site to secure a car. If you want to blend in with the locals, we suggest a Toyota Prius or Subaru Outback. Don’t forget, in Oregon you can’t pump your own gas – and we like it that way.

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