Introducing the Timbers Army Steering Committee

15 Oct 2020 5:00 PM | Darren Lloyd (Administrator)

The Timbers Army Steering Committee deals with the day-to-day activities of the Timbers Army, allowing the 107IST board to focus on its mission of supporting soccer in and around Portland, Oregon, from the grassroots to the highest professional level. 

Members of the steering committee are drawn from the same groups of volunteers carting flags up and down stairs, painting tifo, slinging merch on match days, banging drums, blowing horns, and waving their arms to get you to sing for the Boys in Green. They’ve always been leaders in their respective groups, working in the background to make Soccer City, USA the special place that it is. These groups of volunteers (capos, drums and trumpets, flag crew, tifo, and merch) have played a critical part in cultivating the supporters’ culture we have now, and their representation on the steering committee ensures that the culture of The North End continues to grow and evolve.

At the inception of the original Council of XI in 2010, the 107 Independent Supporters Trust was the engine behind one supporters group: the Timbers Army. This meant that a message from, for, or about the 107IST was more or less also from, for, or about the Timbers Army. There was a point in the life of the 107IST that the same people directly responsible for day-to-day Timbers Army activities were also on the 107IST board — but the 107IST has grown over the past ten years. 2013 celebrated the arrival of NWSL to Portland and the formation of the Rose City Riveters. In the years that followed, the composition and focus of the 107IST board has changed beyond just the Timbers Army.

The 107IST, the Rose City Riveters, and the Timbers Army have been working together in recent years to develop strong and independent voices for each of the entities underneath the 107IST umbrella. While the Riveters have done an excellent job in ensuring their messaging and voice is distinct and represents their supporters group, the Timbers Army and 107IST messaging and voice have remained fairly closely coupled. All too often, “107IST” is interpreted as synonymous with “Timbers Army” and only Timbers Army. It’s time to fix that.

This change is about streamlining and creating capacity within the organization — allowing the steering committee to directly address day-to-day Timbers Army business without requiring board input at every step along the way. This effort began in earnest last year: Much of the work in the terraces last season was driven by the Timbers Army Steering Committee, in partnership with both the 107IST board and the Riveters Steering Committee.

You can learn more about the steering committee’s purpose, membership, scope, and more by reading their charter.

We look forward to seeing all of you in The North End again soon. Onward, Rose City.

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