Don't Profit off the North End: Ticketing Edition

05/10/2021 9:00 AM | Darren Lloyd (Administrator)

Since its inception in 2001, the Timbers Army has advocated for affordable ticket pricing. We believe that football is for the fans, and we champion authentic, homegrown support of our players and the beautiful game. We believe in General Admission to allow supporters to choose their level of involvement in their active support of the Boys in Green. We say, "If you want to be Timbers Army, you already are." To that end, we facilitate face-value ticket exchanges to ensure that anyone who wants to attend a match is able to do so at an affordable price.

While limited capacity means that reserved seating is a necessity to continue safely distancing during a pandemic, the North End is still the home of the Timbers Army. When tickets go on sale at 10 AM, it’s only tickets in the North End and only offered to season ticket holders who have tickets in the North End. That supporters then choose to gouge their fellow supporters—the very same people who make the atmosphere unequaled in North America—is against everything for which the Timbers Army stands. Don’t profit off the North End.

Secondary market prices make it difficult to allow supporters to attend Timbers matches. These prices don’t "Spread the Love." "Me" is not a part of the Golden Triangle of Team, Town, Timbers Army. We encourage supporters to consider their fellow supporters. The 107IST facilitates the Timbers & Thorns Ticket Exchange on Facebook, as well as a day-of-game ticket exchange at the Fanladen when circumstances allow, and we encourage their use.

With the Rose City Riveters and 107IST, we continue to discuss solutions to this issue with the Timbers and Thorns front office, as it is of mutual interest to all supporters.

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