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  • 02/05/2014 4:17 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    Does it feel like the 2013 Championship was only yesterday? Or perhaps you’re itching for the 2014 season to just get here. Either way, meet up with fellow Riveters on Saturday, February 22nd from 4-8pm!

    We will be meeting up at Bazi Bierbrasserie, on SE 32nd just off of Hawthorne. They will have their Thorns-inspired beer “Every Rose has its Thorn” by Lompoc Brewing on tap for us to enjoy. There will also be Riveters merchandise for sale during the meet-up.

    Bazi is also going to be the home to some special Thorns memorabilia from the 2013 Championship run. These items will be on display during the meet-up for everyone to enjoy.

  • 01/12/2014 4:17 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    Representatives from the Rose City Riveters dropped off a check for $1925.00 to represent the money raised from the sales of our Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon benefit scarf today. We met with FCCO’s Development Coordinator Devon Jahn and Executive Director Karen Kraus at the clinic, while veterinarians and volunteers vaccinated, spayed, and neutered dozens of feral cats. We got a tour of the facility and got to see first-hand the great work they do there. They fixed almost 7300 cats last year, and will do even more this year. That makes a huge difference in the feral cat population!

    Although we sold almost all of the scarves before the holidays, we do have a few singles left. Members of the Riveters have generously fronted the donation money for them, so you can buy knowing the donation is included in the amount we gave today. You can get yours at for $20 shipped, or from us in person at events for $15. Right now we’re also running a combo special on the site that gets you either of our scarves along with an RCR PDX Queens of Cascadia unisex T-shirt for only $20 plus shipping.

  • 01/06/2014 4:16 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    Please join the Rose City Riveters at the opening match of the Rose City Rollers’ 2014 campaign Saturday, January 18.

    We’ve been able to secure a block of tickets at the ridiculously low price of $7 for general admission. SEVEN DOLLARS.

    Here’s the link to order tickets:

    When you get there, click PROMO on the right side of the page and enter the code word PANDORA.

    You guys, SEVEN DOLLARS. This is INSANE.

  • 11/15/2013 4:14 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    The 107ist is holding the annual elections over the next week. There is a candidate forum on Saturday, November 16th from 1-3pm at the Artists Repertory Theater (SW Morrison & 16th).

    The Rose City Riveters is a new supporters group. We thought some members might be new to this process and wanted to stress the importance of the support of the 107ist, as well as why it is important to get involved with the decisions made in the organization. To help convey the importance of voting in the current election cycle if you are already a member and joining/renewing with 107ist in 2014, we’ve asked for feedback from three active Rose City Riveters. Their voices are below.

    Luke Fritz:

    I joined the effort that eventually became known as Rose City Riveters immediately upon Portland being announced as an NWSL team. My roots of support for women’s soccer are personal and local. My friend Ruth used to offer me her player’s allotment tickets for her University of Portland games. This allowed me to realize what outstanding role models and players the Pilots were – it was easy to connect to and cheer on my friend and her teammates.

    When the Thorns were announced as a franchise, I also felt a special responsibility to support the team because of my work as a high school teacher. My students frequently tell me about participating in sports. In order for the girls I teach to have a professional soccer career in the US as a legitimate option, this league *must* be successful.

    Having been an outsider of any formal soccer supporters groups in Portland until late last year, the experience of finding conduits for supporting the Thorns has been revealing. I learned there was a real groundswell of support for the team before a game had been played, a player announced, or even a name for the team. It took me a while to learn enough about what the 107ist does and how it operates before I committed to joining, but I am glad I did. The work the organization does, entirely on a volunteer basis, is outstanding. The access to ideas, energy, and funding for support is absolutely essential to what the Rose City Riveters aspire to do in supporting the Thorns, our town, and our community. As such, it is critically important that we elect 107ist board members who align with the stated mission to support soccer at all levels in Portland, especially in regards to this wonderful opportunity for growth.

    Lexi Stern:

    I’ve been volunteering on game day ops for the TA for a few years. This past year I’ve also gotten pretty heavily involved in helping to create the Rose City Riveters game day experience both at home and on the road, helping however I can with drums, chants, tifo, flags, whatever. I can tell you firsthand that virtually none of what we’ve accomplished could have come about without the support of the 107ist and their commitment to growing soccer in this city.

    Having a Riveters liaison to the 107ist board gave us a voice: it let us work directly with both the Timbers Army and the Timbers/Thorns FO to take advantage of relationships and processes already in place, and it gave us access to funds to use on our way to becoming self-sustaining. That is how we got flags, drums, and smoke, and permission to store and use them in Jeld-Wen. That is how we got shared space, materials, and additional budget to create tifo for Thorns matches, including the largest tifo display on record for a women’s club team anywhere. That is how we were able to produce scarves, T-shirts, patches, and more. That is how we could afford to print chant and info sheets week after week to get new supporters involved on game day.

    All of this is why it’s so important that you, as a Rose City Riveter, familiarize yourself with the current slate of candidates for the 107ist board and cast your vote thoughtfully. If you’re not a member this year, this is why you should join for 2014.

    Gabby Rosas:

    The Riveters did a great job this year, having only a few months to get organized, determine a game plan, then execute those ideas. But our women’s soccer supporters group had a head start on other groups in the NWSL – we had the 107ist supporting every effort we made. From the bus trips to Tukwila where the 107ist fronted the costs of the buses and tickets, to the Superhero tifo at the final where the 107ist paid for the materials and facility.

    The Riveters have a great relationship with the Thorns Front Office because we are a part of the 107ist. When we wanted to present our Rose City Riveters Player of the Year with an award (a vase and base paid for by the 107ist), our relationship with the Front Office allowed us on the field after the match to give that award to Karina.

    But I want to do more. We have dreams and goals. We want to grow. And we can grow with continued support.

    If you’re a paid member of the 107ist, you’re already supporting the Rose City Riveters and the Thorns. We need your continued support. Make sure you get involved in the candidate forum on Saturday and please vote.

    Please share your own reasons for supporting the 107ist in the comments. We want to make sure everyone understands the importance of getting involved.

  • 11/12/2013 4:12 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    Support the University of Portland Pilots women’s soccer team in their NCAA Playoff Run!

    The Portland Pilots have had a wonderful 2013 season. They finished the regular season 16-2-1 and have been selected as a #3 seed in the NCAA College Cup Tournament. The Pilots’ first round kicks off this Saturday, November 16, against Seattle University at 7pm at the University of Portland.

    Join the Rose City Riveters at Merlo Field on Saturday night and show your support for the Pilots from General Admission Section I, which is the bleacher section right next to the loud and proud Student Section.

    Tickets are $10/GA, $5/children and will be available beginning Wednesday at 11am by visiting/calling the Pilots Box Office at 503-943-7525. Tickets will also be available via Ticketmaster, but the usual fees will apply to tickets not purchased directly from the Pilots Box Office.

    The Rose City Riveters are committed to supporting soccer in our community. We all showed strong support for our Thorns this summer, and we want to extend our support to the Pilots as they fight their way through the tournament and get to know some of the next generation of budding stars.

    Besides, beating Seattle never gets old!

  • 10/09/2013 4:10 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    The next places to pick up prepaid sets of RCR/Feral scarves or to buy singles:

    107ist candidate forum at Artists Rep Theater Saturday, November 16, 1-3

    Prefunk at Twilight Room Saturday, November 16, 4-5ish

    Portland Pilots game Saturday, November 16, evening

  • 09/04/2013 4:08 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    The story begins like so many others by taking a leap out of our comfort zone and initiating a conversation. First, it was a bus travelling on I-5 as the Timbers Army headed north to watch the green and gold take on Seattle. The WPS had fallen apart; and the NWSL was not yet in existence as I started a conversation with a red haired woman on my bus about support, ideals, the women’s game and the USWNT.

    As with many things in life, this was something that happened partially by chance and partially by opportunity. With open seats on the bus, my general wandering and my friends reorganizing to speak with each other there was an empty seat behind her, and so we easily struck up a conversation.

    She introduced herself as Gabby and we shared a small conversation about a topic on which she was clearly very passionate. We talked about your typical soccer fans, support and passion independent of gender lines. We spoke about flags, tifo, singing and passionate fervor for the women’s game. There was this general idea of creating a chaotic din that represents the city and team that you love. I may not remember the exact particulars of every word but I do remember the love and passion for the beautiful game that resided within my new acquaintance on this bus.

    We eventually separated and after departing the bus, we headed our separate ways. This will tend to happen when you have several hundred fans, kegs of beer and weaving lines of fans heading into Century Link.

    Over one year later…

    A lanky woman in white stands over a ball on a field in Rochester, New York and takes a deep breath before striding up to the ball. She blasts the sphere over the assembled wall and into the back of the net with such force that it energetically rebounds out of the net as though it didn’t belong there. Exaltation, celebration and passionate release in the stands as the camera crew cuts over to the travelling away support for the Thorns. There, in the midst of the chaotic, yelling, screaming masses was Gabby, awash in the moment of watching her team take what seemed like an improbable lead away from home. See, the story isn’t always just about the players, but (as well) about how the players, team, play and results interact with the fans on a visceral and emotional level.

    In the end, Gabby travelled over 3,000 miles and watched, celebrated and lived the first professional, major league championship from a Portland team since 1977.

    What the Thorns had problem with, even just as recent as four games ago, seemingly vanished as they remained switched on and defensively alert even after going down to 10 women in the second half. Rachel Buehler and Kat Williamson were able to not only stop Abby Wambach but noticeably frustrated her by utilizing all the skills in the “Dark Arts of Football” manual. Certainly Williamson eventually took the hands on clutching and grabbing with Wambach a bit too far getting a second yellow after Wambach went down just outside the 18 yard box. However, by that point in the game Wambach became noticeably perturbed by the tough treatment as she flashed imaginary cards and barked at the referee for calls. When Tina Ellertson came into the game in the second half, after Williamson was sent off, the damage had already been performed on Wambach’s psyche. While Ellertson was still called upon for stops she can thank the tenacious play of Williamson and Buehler for setting the table for success in the second half.

    This was a game that fulfilled the tedious saying of “balanced on a knife edge.” There was all to play for as both teams had gilt edged chances to take control of the game. Back and forth with great saves, hard tackles, and (at times) pulsating action the game was many times over what you wish would happen in a final.

    With time counting down and the Thorns still hanging on to a one goal advantage, a combination between Alex Morgan and Christine Sinclair resulted in the Thorns season being closed out by the Portland captain in style. Sinclair is a true connected Portland legend in every facet from her early viewing s of women’s games while sitting in the North End in 1999, to her records and play for the Portland Pilots to her relationship with the patron saint of Portland soccer, Clive Charles. If there was ever an appropriate way to end the season, this was the way to do it.

    “I consider it home…It’s a city that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with.” – Christine Sinclair on Portland

    And as the victorious women from the Thorns landed back in Portland International Airport, Sinclair humbly made her statement to the news cameras, soaked up the love, interacted with fans and left the chanting crowds behind… all the more enigmatic for her lack of the love of the spotlight.

    Stories like this 2013 season so often end with a whimper rather than a bang. For the other seven teams in the NWSL this is true. Their season ended at the hand of a bad regular season, the Portland Thorns or Western New York Flash. At least 77 other women were unable to find the ultimate goal fulfilled and left the end of the season looking forward to new teams, a new season or perhaps recovering during the offseason. Regardless of the league or situation, a championship win is something that should never be overlooked. These are magical things that happen all too infrequently for most of us. Somewhere in the midst of Alex Morgan’s injury and the Thorns disappointing performances at the end of the year (many of which I ripped apart on the pages of this website) the team finally came together. They gathered a grit and tenacity that ended up coming to the forefront in the Kansas City semi-final that finally reinforced the idea that yes, this Thorns team could indeed go out and win the NWSL championship.

    It wasn’t just the inclusion of Heath, the injury that forced Morgan out of the lineup, or the exploding play of Mana Shim in the midfield that may have changed the team. It was all those things and more perhaps including the fact that the Thorns lost the ability to host a playoff game at home. The team was forced out of their comfort zone and away from their bastion of support… and perhaps that was for the best. The fire was back, the focus was back, and the team responded.

    Something that I will take from this 2013 season is the ability to not only watch the growth of the team but, as well, the growth of the fan base in Portland. I watched fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, wives, husbands, and every race, creed, and belief system gather together in Jeld-Wen Field. This was Portland at its best represented by the coming together of a city to celebrate, commiserate and react together in good times and bad. Regardless of team or sport, regardless of financial or socioeconomic status the city came together into a mass group of supporters for something real, something tangible and something both painful and beautiful depending on which game was happening.

    The previous isn’t to minimize something important though and something I haven’t spoken too much about intentionally. That thing that I haven’t spoken about is the seemingly simple but very complex idea of identity and gender. On this last thought I don’t pretend to offer something profound, merely the description of something that I wasn’t even there to see in person. In the post championship haze of delight I happened on a simple picture of a young girl at the Bagdad showing of the Thorns game.

    (For those of you unfamiliar with the setup or who do not know, the Thorns set up a public viewing at the Bagdad theater in Portland. The place was overrun with fans with management eventually posting a sign that indicated that there was standing room only as a mass of people descended on the pub/movie theater.)

    This young girl sat on the steps of the main stage with her gaze fixated on the massive screen above. In that one simple framed shot you could see the past, present and possible future of all possibilities in the women’s game. With the flickering scenes of the NWSL championship in her eyes, one could only imagine what could really happen with her life. This little person could become another Sinclair, Morgan, Buehler, Leblanc or Foxhoven. Perhaps she becomes another Pia Sundhage, Brianna Scurry or Julie Foudy. Or perhaps she becomes a Holly Duthie, Kristen Gehrke, or Lexi Stern who were all instrumental in organizing, founding and enabling the Rose City Riveters. Perhaps she becomes a Sunday White, who gave her boundless energy to the crowd over and over again on the main capo stand while simultaneously discovering the ability to BE the person on the main capo stand.

    Or perhaps she could be Gabby, with red hair and lungs full of songs, who waited a long time to have this club team to cheer for, and was able to be there the day a team made up of women representing Portland were the best women’s team in the nation.

    Congratulations to the Portland Thorns, your 2013 NWSL Champions.

    Onward Rose City

  • 09/01/2013 4:07 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    Welcome your NWSL Champion Thorns back to the Rose City today! The FO says they will arrive at the Portland International Airport around 11:30AM near D-E concourse. Here are the details:

    We are allowed to welcome the team—the 10-15 players who are coming back to PDX right away, anyhow—after they get out of the secured area (D/E gates side, which is to the right of the terminal building, on the departure level), but it is SUPER important that everyone fans out, almost like a gauntlet, so there isn’t a crush right at the end there. We’ve been told we can go all the way back to the Beaches store (which is on the corner, after the ticketing counters hallway) and into the hallway if need be.

    The Port has also asked that we make sure not to block any entrances/access to stores, the security line, and the kids’ playground in that area. Essentially, they are a little worried about us hindering other passenger traffic, since it is such a busy day (being Labor Day weekend). Everyone at PDX is aware of the planned greet, and we might get some crowd control assistance from Port Police if it becomes an issue.

    Hope to see you up there shortly!

  • 08/29/2013 4:05 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    Okay, this info is spread out all over the internet, so I’m going to make an attempt to put it all in one place.

    If you’re planning on watching at home, the match will be on Fox Sports 2. At the moment, this is a channel that’s only available on DirecTV, Dish TV, or on the FoxSoccer2Go site. If you have Comcast, you’ll need to start formulating a plan. (Oh, hai there. I’m told it is now also going to be on Fox Soccer so, Comcast fans, you’re in luck.)

    We’ve got a fair number of people heading to Rochester, both from the Rose City and from across the country. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster, through the Flash website, or by calling the Flash front office directly. You can call them at (585) 454-5425, ext. 0. We’re suggesting Riveters purchase general admission tickets (a whopping $10 if you make the phone call) so we can all stay together. We’re still working with our front office and theirs to secure a specific location in-stadium to cheer our Thorns to victory. If/when we get that set, we’ll post it on Twitter (@pdxriveterssg) and on the Facebook page. There is also a Facebook event page set up to help people coordinate. It can be found here.

    If you’re in Portland, the Thorns FC official viewing party will be at The Bagdad Theater (3702 SE Hawthorne). There’s seating there for 600, but we’d suggest you get there early. The game is at 5 p.m.. Please plan accordingly. All ages, food and beverages will be available, as will Riveters merch and, if I remember correctly, Thorns FC playoff shirts from the front office. RSVP here.

    Other bars/restaurants in Portland that will be showing the match include (but are not limited to): Bazi Bierbrasserie, Beulahland, On Deck, Macadam’s, Paddy’s, The Mad Greek, The Cheerful Bullpen, Dublin Down, Kells, McGillacuddy’s, and The Station. If you have questions about menus, hours, or kid-friendliness, it might be best to call ahead. If there’s somewhere you’re thinking of going to watch that isn’t on this list, they will need to have FoxSports2 (which is only available on DirecTV) or Fox Soccer. Again: call ahead.

    If you’re in the Seattle area, the Timbers Army Covert Ops group has put together a viewing at The Ballard Loft (5105 Ballard Ave. NW). RSVP here. Kid friendly, but limited space so be sure you let them know you’re coming so they can save you a place to sit. You can’t very well jump out of your chair when we win if you don’t have a chair to begin with.

    If you’re in Eugene, the Timbers Army Echo Squadron is hosting a viewing party at Doc’s Pad (710 Willamette). RSVP here. All ages until 8 p.m. If enough people RSVP to this one, they’ll be able to get a separate room just for the match viewing.

    If you’re in Cannon Beach, we’re told The Lumberyard Grill (264 3rd St.) gets FoxSports2, but the TVs are first-come, first-served. Be there early if you want to watch the match. Their menu offers a No Pity burger, so we know they’re soccer-friendly.

    If you’re in Salem, we know The Ram (515 12th St.) has FoxSports2 but there is not an event set up for there. You might want to call ahead on this one if you’re planning on going.

    I think that’s all for now. I’ll update as I hear more. Cheers!

  • 08/27/2013 4:03 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    ***UPDATE: Scarves are due to arrive in Portland on October 1! ***

    The Rose City Riveters have teamed up with the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon and we’re selling a scarf to benefit them. Every cent of profit will go to FCCO.

    FCCO is a trap-neuter-return (TNR) program for feral and stray cats living in Oregon. They have spayed/neutered and vaccinated over 62,000 feral cats, including the feral colony that lives in Jeld-Wen Field. They do all these things for low cost or free. Our donation will help FCCO keep our feral cat population healthy and their numbers under control.

    We are taking preorders now, in sets of five for $75. Single scarves will be available for $15 each once the boxes of scarves arrive, if all the sets haven’t been sold already. There is an active scarf-trading Facebook group if you have extra scarves in your set and want to sell them or trade for other scarves. Or just get a group of friends together and go in on a set. We expect the scarves to come in by October, in plenty of time for your holiday gift-giving needs. We will have an event once they come in, and will make ourselves as available as possible until all the sets have gotten to their rightful owners.

    To order a set, use PayPal to send $75.00 to using the “Transfer” option to send money to family or friends, not the “Buy” option.  There are no fees that way. If you use the “pay for goods or services” option or pay with a credit card, you will need to send $77.54 to cover the fees.

    I will update this post as sets are paid for and will answer any questions you may have.

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