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A Chance to Get Stuck In!

07/03/2024 9:40 AM | Sam Prince (Administrator)

To the 107ist Community!

It’s summer, the schedule is packed, and we’re all getting set in our game day routines.

The Rose City Riveters are looking to grow our volunteer team, and we have a few opportunities that we are looking to add some voices to.

Our Away Travel team is looking for folks who are interested in tackling the logistics of away travel. This would be a great opportunity for someone who enjoys helping ensure Riveters get correct, timely information about procuring tickets in opposing team stadiums and delivering the tickets (via various ticket platforms) before the match. We also arrange fun things like bus trips for Seattle Aways! It would be a great opportunity for someone who is a good communicator, doesn’t mind admin-type work and has the bandwidth to engage with folks as needed during weekend and non-business hours. Email to help out!

Our Game Day Operations is looking for folks who may be interested in helping us set up in the stadium on game days. Those flags you love waving? Volunteers place them under seats every single match and then help them get back up to the tippy top of the North End after the match. Volunteers also help keep the North End a safe and welcoming place for all, passing out chant sheets and helping newbies feel included. This is a great opportunity for someone who loves loud spaces before they get filled, who loves working with a team to help make sure the North End stays loud and stays safe. Email for more info.

RivetGear, the merch team for Rose City Riveters, is looking for volunteer help in two areas. First, they are looking for people who may have a passion for designing merchandise, people who have an idea for what folks may want to buy and wear on the terraces and in the streets. RivetGear is also looking for people who are interested in volunteering on game days to sell our wares at the Axe and Rose, our retail space just outside of the stadium. If any of these sound like you, email

Those massive banners that drape the North End a few times a year? Those are all designed and created by supporters and volunteers. Tifo Team is looking for folks who want to help with the creation and execution of tifo. This would be a fantastic opportunity for folks who have a strong desire to think big with their designs, while also helping the logistics that come with painting massive swathes of canvas. This falls under the realm of our Game Day Opps team so email and mention tifo in your email!

You may have read this list and think “well, I have time, but I’m not sure if any of these sounds like me, but I still want to help!” Great. We have a spot for you. We promise we do. Whether you’re carving out your own role or we’re helping funnel you to a spot we think you could thrive, we want your help, we want your enthusiasm, and we’d be happy to have you on board. If you read this and are feeling unsure, you want to chat with someone who is involved in a particular area and see if it’s a fit, let us know, we’d be happy to chat! Send us an email at and we’ll get you to someone. 

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