Angela Salem - 2021 Rose City Riveters Player of the Year

10/31/2021 10:21 AM | Gabby Rosas (Administrator)

A message from the Rose City Riveters.

Every year the Rose City Riveters honor one Thorns FC player who possesses and displays traits that transcend all other acknowledgements of fame, or character, or talent.

Looking back at the past eight awards, this year’s choice continues our distinguishing of greatness. Rooted in a tradition to respect what the supporters and the recipient’s teammates clearly identify in her: Unyielding dedication, unlimited selflessness, and a stalwart heart, to play every match of the beautiful game without restraint and for the Portland Thorns Football Club.

That is why Angela Salem has been chosen to be recognized in 2021.

She has played in this league since its inception, and desire to succeed is timeless.

She is a leader who displays fervor and empathy with aplomb to her opponents and teammates alike.

When Angela gets knocked down, she doesn’t just get back up again, she becomes stronger from it and brings everyone up with her.

It is our honor to present to her this trophy, our recognition, and our gratitude.

Thank you, Angela Salem: The Rose City Riveters’ Supporters Player of the Year.

- By Any Other Name #BAONPDX

Masked players on the mainstage surrounding Salem receiving her award and cheering. Capo is next to Salem handing award over.

Angela Salem in a match on June 20, 2021, running toward the camera.

Trophy is a large circular gear with a plaque in the center with the Rose City Riveters crest reading 2021 Riveters' Player of the Year. Angela Salem's name is at the top. There is a metal rose attached that runs across the crest.

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