Your Generous Ticket Donations & What Happened Next

11/14/2018 11:52 AM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

Guest post from Riveters Outreach
Sometimes the weather stinks, your head is pounding, stayed late at work, came home to a child covered in a mysterious rash, or for any number of reasons Just Can’t Soccer. Nine out of ten of your close friends are STH already so you sign today’s match ticket over to the Riveters, breathing in well over $13 worth of relief that you don’t have to put on shoes again.

What you may not know is that Riveters set aside the funds raised from reselling those tickets and make an end-of-season donation to Harper’s Playground, a local charity organization created by one of our own 107IST community members, that is focused on creating playgrounds accessible to all kids.

Maybe it was all those $25 Key Bank Club upgrades, maybe it was the free sunscreen we keep on the Fanladen counter now, but I wanted you all to know that your ticket donations raised $2031.00 for this incredible cause.

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