BYCAP 2018- Coming Up Fast!

08/27/2018 11:44 AM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

A guest post from your Capos/DnT

This is your annual reminder, and the time for you to remind your fellows, family, and friends that it is….

BYCAP time!

To the ladies and gents (and non-binary too) that joined us this lovely year of 2018 (aka – the n00bs), welcome to the Rose City Riveters fanbase this season. We are glad to have you here! I am going to take a moment to explain what BYCAP is, why we do it and how you are the most important part of this event.

Where BYCAP begins…

Sometimes, well, often, at the end of the year, some peeps get this sweet and kindhearted idea that, out of admiration and/or gratitude, they should buy Capos and/or DnT (Drum n Trumpet/Trombone) a pint. This is a really, REALLY great idea, and while we are mostly all for having a sippa at the match, honestly, there is no way he/she/they/we can drink that much and remain, loud, passionate, accurate, aware, and leaders, throughout the game. Enter the name – Buy Your Capo A Pint, or BYCAP for short.
BYCAP is an annual fundraiser and is driven by the Capos/DnT.

Buy Your Capo A Pint is a chance for Thorns fans (YOU) to both, help us do good, and say “Thank you” to the ALL VOLUNTEER crew (yep – all volunteers – we all purchase tickets for seats we rarely ever see, except from a distance) that keeps the NWSL’s most passionate, loud, and proud supporters working together to support our awesome, talented, skilled, professional athletes, the Portland Thorns.

Your help helps us, so we can help others, through BYCAP

At the last in-season match we are asking for you to give us a truly important ‘Thank You’. Please consider taking those dollars, the ones you would happily spend on getting a complimentary beverage or two or more for hard-working capos, drummers, horn players, and instead of buying said beverage/s and getting us smashed, put that money into our collection buckets that will be on our stage, nests and by the drums. We will turn ALL of the funds you donate into tuition for young girls to attend Portland’s own Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls, so these future women can learn the strength, power and wisdom of their own voices. So they can have the opportunity to gain the empowering support and confidence we all share on match days as your Capos/DnT.
“Creative voices of girls and women need to be amplified to create social change. Girls need positive role models and support for their creative endeavors. We can build a community where girls support each other rather than tear each other down. We can empower girls to recognize, understand and respond to discrimination. ‘Girls Rock’ is more than just a slogan.”

If you are unfamiliar with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls , check the hotlink for more information on the AMAZING work they do, what they offer, what other donations they need, and how to get tickets to The AMP Awards gala event Friday, November 3rd with Piefight and Janet Weiss.

AGAIN – for the people in the back – help us, your Capos/DnT, give back to our community by donating on Sept. 7th to the BYCAP 2018 fundraiser.

JUST IN CASE – Are you [insert poopy emoji face here] because:
• You don’t carry cash?
• You want to spread twice the love?
• You are going to be out of town?
• You’re an out-of-town fan?

You can donate electronically and in advance by clicking here. Be sure to select “Riveters BYCAP” when making your donation.

TL:DR – you should help us out by stuffing our buckets with cash at the last regular match of the season (vs the Seattle Reign) on Friday, Sept 7th for a badass fundraiser.

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