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09/22/2022 3:00 PM | Chris Spalding (Administrator)

The following is a post from Sunday on behalf of the Capos/DnTs for the Rose City Riveters and the Timbers Army.

What is this #BYCAP thing you are just hearing about?  Well, it is a way for our loud sassy selves to do some good and help those in our communities learn how to use their voices with power and passion. (for those of us that are acronym nerds:  B - Buy  Y - Your  C - Capo   A - A   P - Pint )

We (the Capo/DnT crews of both the Timbers Army and the Rose CIty Riveters) are here to share our hearts, our hopes, our frustrations, our passions with you, the supporters of Portland’s beautiful game (both in the stadium and those not attending in person). We buy our tickets, just like everyone else (often from the Fanladen/Ticket exchange!). We wave our scarves and support the NPO and RivetGear. Like you, we have our own game-day traditions (including getting anxious or amped before a match) and when we enter the woodshed with you, we do the unthinkable, and turn our backs on the pitch. We shred voice and limb in an effort to bring passion and power out of you, the supporters, knowing we will eventually see a replay of the game. We work as a team to try to amplify and direct the emotions and excitement into chants that can be heard and felt far beyond the terraces and the pitch of Providence Park. Spilling over the walls and down the streets outside of the park into our larger community.

We do this because we love it. We have our collective voice and we share it with you and with the team. We are able to give power and strength to our voices as the Timbers Army & Rose City Riveters thanks to you, but there are many among us and around our community that do not have volume, or ability to be safe to speak, in their own neighborhoods, schools, or homes.

We want to use our voices to help others. Those that are younger and need a little assistance to find their own unique voice. Those that have so much heart and emotion, but are unsure how to express it, or may need more guidance or support than others to find their own voice.  

You can help us by buying any of the members of the Capo & DnT Crews a virtual “pint” at the matches on September 25 (Thorns) and October 2 (Timbers). No, please, do not buy us each a literal pint. Not only has there been an ongoing concession ban that we have been a part of, but our livers cannot take that kind of ’love’. Take the funds that you would use to buy a “thank-you pint,” and instead put it into the BYCAP collection buckets. 

* Don’t live in Portland, but you wanna help?
* Not going to be at the game?
* Don’t carry cash?
  → You can also donate online for a limited time - choose either TA or RCR when donating!  ←

100% of the BYCAP funds will go to help local youth find their voices. 

Timbers Army BYCAP funds will be donated to Camp Meadowood Springs
Rose City Riveters BYCAP funds will be donated to
Skate Like A Girl: Portland Chapter

BYCAP is unique.
BYCAP is important.
BYCAP is all thanks to you.

BYCAP is how our team can give others the voice that we take for granted.

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