It's That Time! Buy Your Capo A Pint (BYCAP) 2021

10/26/2021 8:48 PM | Darren Lloyd (Administrator)

The following is a guest post from the Timbers Army and Rose City Riveters Capos & DnT teams.

We (Capos & DnT as a unit) are nothing without you!

The limited season, and needed COVID limitations to provide some small feeling of health and safety have affected us all this season, especially following the extra distance from last season. We haven't had the usual tension, loss, joy, irritation at the refs, of standing with you in passion and love.

The Timbers Army and Rose City Riveters Capos & DnT have joined forces in our annual tradition of BYCAP this year. We work to amplify those voices that have been muted, stifled, and ignored. Those voices of the survivors of abuse. Traditionally, BYCAP funds provide help to the young voices in our neighborhoods, to aid them in learning how to be strong and confident, to provide them with the ability to communicate their needs, dreams, ideas, and opinions. There is no greater way to help them than to show that we listen to those who are in the places they dream to be. To make sure our players are HEARD and the pro soccer pitch is a place they can dream to be.

We refuse to ignore or minimize the long term and systemic effects of the human rights abuses of our communities locally, nationally, and globally.

We are again joining forces for a single BYCAP event, with a single entity recipient, instead of the traditional tandem, team-specific BYCAP fundraisers.

100% of funds raised in this online BYCAP will be donated to Raphael House. In this way we support our community, provide help to those whose voices have been muted and marginalized. To provide any aid we can to break the cycle of violence.

About Raphael House: Thanks to community support, the families we serve are ending the cycle of violence and building lives without abuse. Together we are working toward a future without domestic and sexual violence, and where oppression in any form is not tolerated. We are proud to offer immediate safety and a wide range of supportive services for survivors, while working to create lasting change through prevention education.

Please help us surpass prior years fundraising by donating and signal boosting this event.

>>> GOAL: meet or surpass our current BYCAP best year of $6240 <<<

A donation link will be available here from 10/30 - 11/15. Please make sure to select the BYCAP fund!

You can also use the QR code below for easy donation both in and out of the stadium, and we will happily accept cash donations too!

*Buy Your Capo A Pint: For those of you who are unfamiliar with BYCAP, it usually happens on or near the last match of the regular season for Timbers and Thorns. As the season is coming to a tense point (or wrapping up) often folks are feeling kind and nostalgic for the events of the season, and many want to “buy us (Capos, DnT) a pint” to say thanks. Thanks for helping to hype the crowd, to keep it on time, to provide eyes and assistance when there is an interloper or and altercation, to represent good safety habits, and generally for us needing to buy tickets to turn our backs to the pitch for a whole season, so the North End volume can resonate beyond the PP rooftop to roll across the pitch and through the neighborhood. All because we love providing focused passion for our teams. It has been noted that our livers cannot take so much thanks… so… instead we have collection buckets out at our stage, nests and drums, and we ask you to donate that ‘pint’ (or soda, water, coffee) money to our fundraiser (particularly when there is a concessions boycott) so we can help others find a voice the way we have. We get the “thank you” vibes and affection AND our community gets much needed help and support.

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