July Match Day Drives: Street Roots

30 Jun 2021 7:30 PM | Jennifer Ingraham (Administrator)

In July, support Street Roots!

We will be collecting donations any time Fanladen is open. This includes membership hours, pre-game, and (in some cases) post-game. Check the weekly newsletter or social media for updates and open hours.

Since 1999, Street Roots has been publishing a weekly newspaper in Portland — and employing vendors to sell that paper. Street Roots vendors are independent contractors who are experiencing homelessness and poverty. By selling papers for Street Roots, these vendors not only make an income, but they become a part of the organization’s advocacy. Their voices and experiences heavily influence how Street Roots advocates for systemic change. This organization also publishes the Rose City Resource, which exhaustively lists resources and services for people experiencing homelessness and poverty.

They are specifically asking for items to help combat the heat of summer: sunscreen, sun hats, reusable cooling towels, misters/personal fans, sun hats, aloe vera, sunscreen lip balm, reusable water bottles, and bottled water.

Tina Drake, vendor liaison for Street Roots, says:

We at Street Roots strive to create a comfortable environment for our vendors at all times. This sometimes includes them selling in inclement weather. Any donations brought by you ... will be made available to our vendors to keep them safe during these strange and unusual times during the Portland and Oregonian weather changes. Thank you from Street Roots."

As with last month’s drive, limited edition donation merit badges are available for folks who drop off donations! We know you don’t need an incentive to do something good for the community, but you get one anyway! There are still three designs available, so get there while you can.

You can also donate to Street Roots via their Amazon wishlist or donate financially online. If you are out of area and wish to receive a donation merit badge, send a screenshot of your receipt to community@107ist.org with the subject “Donation merit badge” and your mailing address. We ask that you only use the shipping option if you can’t get your badge in-person at Fanladen, but you’re also welcome to bring electronic proof of donation to Fanladen if that’s how you prefer to donate.

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