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Timbers Army FC Teams

Current TAFC Outdoor Teams:

 Open D4  101st FC
 Open D4  Cascade Rangers FC
 Open D4  Clinton City Wanderers
 Open D4  Deacon Blue
 Open D4  FC Bridge City
 Open D4  Multnomah Forest AFC
 Open D4  North End United
 Open D4  Northern Alliance FC
 Open D4  Rose City Athletic
 Open D4  Sporting BDA
 Open D4  Tanner Creek Renegades
 Over 30 D3  Buckman United FC
 Over 40 D3  Old Growth FC - Green
 Over 40 D2  Old Growth FC - Gold
 Over 50  Old Growth FC - Silver
 Open D2  FC Portlandia
 NUWS  Whipsaws FC Open
 NUWS  Whipsaws FC O-30
 Spring Coed League  Old Saws
 Spring Coed League  Thundercats FC
 Spring Coed League  Sporting Thundercats

Current TAFC Indoor and Futsal Teams:

 RCF Adult  AC North
 RCF Adult  FC Big Burrito
 RCF Adult  Green & Gold FC
 RCF Adult  Old Growth Bonsai
 RCF Adult  Thundercats FC
 RCF Adult  Thundercats United
 RCF Adult  Vision Zero Goals
 RCF Youth  Painted Dogs Rec
 RCF Youth  Painted Dogs Silver
 Portland Indoor Soccer
 Timbers Barons

Former TAFC Teams:

  • AC Thundercats
  • Coat? FC
  • Nomads FC

101st FC

Joe O'Neill, Lead Manager
2016 GPSD Page

The 101st FC was founded in 2011 by the founding members’ shared interest in the Portland Timbers, playing soccer, and shared love of the majestic dachshund. The name 101st F.C. not only represents the area they occupy during Timbers matches, but was coincidentally the number of names rejected before deciding on 101st F.C. Their badge is a symbol of true class, with a split colored shield acting as a backdrop to the majestic dachshund they are so fond of. They started out playing futsal, but quickly grew big enough to support an outdoor roster due to their emphasis on inclusion. While this hasn't resulted in hoisting any trophies, the 101st prides itself on being the only open division roster to include women. The 101st FC looks forward to many more seasons of unbridled fun and camaraderie, bolstered by their members' respect for the game and all its players and fans.

Cascade Rangers FC

Jerry Makare, Lead Manager
2016 GPSD Page

Cascade Rangers FC was originally founded in the Fall of 2008 by Fernando Machicado and played through the Fall of 2011 under the name of Timbers Army Football Club. The team was made up entirely of North End regulars and was sponsored by The Bitter End Pub. Since 2008 over 50 members of the Timbers Army have played on the team, and has been sponsored by Ninkasi Brewing and Hopworks Urban Brewery. Notable achievements for the team include winning the first ever North End Cup in Fall of 2009, beating the ragtag assortment of new players that would go on to form North End United, and being awarded the GPSD good sportsmanship award in Spring of 2009.

Although the Timbers Army Football Club was renamed in 2012, Cascade Rangers FC will forever be known as the original team to play for the Timbers Army in the outdoor leagues and was a founding club of the Timbers Army FC initiative.

Clinton City Wanderers

Michael Orr, Lead Manager
2016 GPSD Page

Deacon Blue

Oliver Mooyman, Lead Manager
Jesse Schwartz, Assistant Manager
2016 GPSD Page

FC Bridge City

(formerly Guerreros Verdes FC)

Eduardo Tecum, Lead Manager
Jesus Pelayo, Assistant Manager
Matt Bauer, Assistant Manager
2016 GPSD Page

Multnomah Forest AFC

Martin Sandoval, Lead Manager
2016 GPSD Page

North End United

Marcus Nelson, Lead Manager
2016 GPSD Page

In 2008 a group of Timbers Army regulars decided it was about time another TA team was created. This team is North End United, or NEU. NEU has players in their early twenties to players in their mid-fifties. You will find these players generally all standing together at Timbers games taking up an entire row.

Since starting, NEU has played mainly in GPSD Div 4, with a lot of success. The team also played one season in Div 3 after gaining promotion, and one short season, which the team does not talk about, in Div 2. NEU and Cascade Rangers FC have enjoyed a healthy rivalry over the past few years, with the spoils going to NEU on each occasion.

North End United is a founding club in the Timbers Army FC initiative and is proudly sponsored by Paddy’s Bar & Grill.

Northern Alliance FC

Matt Freeland, Lead Manager
Will Weglage, Assistant Manager
Email, Facebook
2016 GPSD Page

In the fall of 2011 the boys of the Northern Alliance, the Washington subgroup of the Timbers Army, who already had the love of the Beautiful Game running through their veins, got together and decided they wanted a team of their own. Wanting to start slowly, they formed two squads, Northern Alliance FC and Wrongsiders FC, and joined an indoor soccer league. These squads merged into an outdoor side, Northern Alliance FC, under the Timbers Army FC banner, and look to wreak havoc on all who stand in their way.

Rose City Athletic

Casey McLaughlan, Lead Manager
2016 GPSD Page

Established in late 2010, Rose City Athletic (RCA) is the fourth incarnation of Timbers Army affiliate soccer teams.  With the inspiration of the great success of affiliate teams in the past, RCA went off without a hitch and fielded a Spring 2011 squad in the GPSD Division 4.  Between attending Timbers games and getting together to play, RCA values kinship and passion for the game, similar to that of the Timbers Army ethos.  While wielding a competitive edge is always the goal, RCA hopes to portray a positive image for the Timbers Army on the field and in our community.

Rose City Athletic is a founding club in the Timbers Army FC initiative and is very appreciative of their current kit sponsor, the Kingston Bar and Grill.

Sporting BDA

Trevor Herd, Lead Manager

Tanner Creek Renegades

Cameron Butler, Lead Manager

Buckman United FC

Justin Warber, Lead Manager

Old Growth FC

Gold (O-40):
Todd Diskin, Lead Manager
Dale Montgomery, Assistant Manager
2016 GPSD Page

Green (O-40):
Eric Berg, Lead Manager
2016 GPSD Page

Silver (O-50):
Lee Tyler, Lead Manager
2016 GPSD Page

Bonsai (futsal):
Mohammad Bader, Lead Manager
RCF Schedule


For years, the idea of a soccer team of Timbers Army Elders came up in post-match pub talk. These conversations usually began with, “We’re getting to old for this s**t” and after traditional chants such as, “Burn, destroy, wreck and kill! Aah!…My knees!”

Old Growth FC formed in Fall 2011 and began play in the Greater Portland Soccer District’s Spring 2012 season. The inaugural OGFC squad included original members of the first Timbers Army FC (now known as Cascade Rangers FC) and veterans of other GPSD sides, including Deacon Blue. OGFC players take to the turf in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and skill levels.

OGFC is a proud member of the TAFC initiative and is proudly sponsored by Bazi Bierbrasserie. Core to the OGFC mission is to be involved in the community. OGFC is fully engaged in 107ist-supported initiatives such as AC PortlandOperation Pitch Invasion, and TOPSoccer. In addition to these initiatives, OGFC and Bazi partner to support the mission of Girls, Inc. of Northwest Oregon. OGFC also assists the Bhutanese Soccer Team of Oregon, an emerging grassroots effort of Portland-area immigrant and refugees in their teens and 20s.

OGFC refers to the rest of TAFC as “our youth academy.”

FC Portlandia

Alan Leonard, Lead Manager
2016 GPSD Page

FC Portlandia was formed out of TAFC in the late fall of 2008 and began practicing and playing together that winter. The first official season was in the winter of 2009, when FCP finished top of the table in GPSD Division 4 and moved up to Division 3. After two seasons in D-3, FCP took top honors and won the championship on a cold, blustery day in December of 2009. FCP currently plays in GPSD Division II.

In the Spring of 2010, FC Portlandia traveled to face a team representing Seattle’s Emerald City Supporters, which FCP won. This tradition continued when FCP traveled again to face ECS during the Cascadia Summit in March of 2011, this time losing 2-1.

FC Portlandia wears purple in honor of Clive Charles, whose history with the Timbers and University of Portland has made a more than significant impact on the soccer culture of Portland and the northwest. The FCP badge the features the trident from the famous Portlandia statue.

The current squad is made up of loyal supporters, Timbers FC staff members and long time followers of the beautiful game. Find us in section 101.

FC Portlandia is also one of the founding clubs in the Timbers Army FC initiative.

Whipsaws FC

Angie Herrera, Lead Manager

Heidi Jo Grubbs, Lead Manager
Carrie O'Bosky, Assistant Manager

Old Saws Co-Ed Soccer

Bruce Harris, Lead Manager

Thundercats FC

Spring Co-Ed League - Thundercats FC & Sporting Thundercats:
Pedro Nunez, Lead Manager

RCF Adult - Thundercats FC & Atletico Thundercats:
Michelle DeFord, Lead Manager

RCF Adult - Thundercats United:
Pedro Nunez, Lead Manager

 Website, Facebook, Twitter

AC North

Dennis Stan, Lead Manager

FC Big Burrito

Harper Morgan-Werner, Lead Manager

Green and Gold FC

Todd Struble, Lead Manager

Painted Dogs

Jason Dryden, Lead Manager
RCF Schedule - Painted Dogs (Silver - U-10)
RCF Schedule - Painted Dogs 2 (Rec - U-10/U-11)

Vision Zero Goals

Duncan Hwang, Lead Manager
RCF Schedule

Timbers Barons

Mike Bodine, Lead Manager
Portland Indoor Soccer schedule

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