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Board of Directors

Our board members help shape the organization and work to make the Timbers and Thorns supporter experience bigger and better, as well as contribute to initiatives in the Portland soccer community. You can contact the board at

Board officers for 2024:

  • President — Dominique Whittaker
  • Vice-President: Jonathan Everett
  • Secretary — Sunday White
  • Treasurer (Ex officio) — Dawn Bauman
Jonathan Everett Sam Prince Dominique Whittaker
Rachel Greenough Sherrilynn "Sheba" Rawson
Lindy Lacson
Imran Qureshi
Stephan Lewis Sunday White Past Members

Jonathan Everett

Board member since: Feb 2023
Current Term: Feb 2023–Feb 2026
Responsibilities: 107IST Board Vice-President

Jonathan Everett here, I am a lifelong football fan actively supporting the Timbers and Thorns. My wife is an Oregon native and all it took to convince me to move was a trip 11 years ago and 2 tickets to a Timbers match. Though born and raised in NJ, I knew on that trip that this is where I belonged. I have been a member of 107ist since 2015. I regularly contribute (if you call it that) to a Timbers related podcast; discussing the latest and greatest news while being full of hot takes and shenanigans. Though I tend to goof off quite a bit within this scene and podcast, I take my work life very seriously.

From a professional perspective, I have worked in healthcare information technology for the last 20+ years, serving on all sides of the healthcare continuum. I currently work as a Director for an electronic health record company based in Boston, MA. There, I lead a team of medical doctors and business professionals completing technical, operational and financial assessments of healthcare and tech organizations, presenting ROI and TCO projections for those considering long term partnerships with us. I am honored to contribute in this industry, making a real difference behind the scenes in the delivery of healthcare. I love and care about what I do.

Rachel Greenough

Board member since: Feb 2023
Current Term: Feb 2025 (Rose City Riveters Steering Committee Representative)
Responsibilities: Member, Community Outreach, Rose City Riveters Steering Committee

Born in Alaska, moved here young, traveled the seas as a tall ship sailor for a few years, drove a school bus, and finally settled down as a teacher back here where I started. It was around that time that I attended my first Thorns game, a 2016 0-0 draw against Seattle. By the time I left the stadium, I'd added the remainder of the season to my calendar and put in a call about season tickets. The Riveters and rainbow flags were a big part of that decision. You'll still find me wandering the north end on Thorns game days, in awe of the legends and professionals we have the privilege to support here in Portland.

107IST-wise, I fell into a role with Community Outreach and the Riveters Steering Committee near the end of 2019. Match day drives are my jam and I'm always hoping to make them bigger and better. I'm a huge fan of the community organizations and activists I've gotten to meet while serving in this role. Love the 107IST community, love the community that surrounds us, and thrilled to be representing RSC on the board this year.

Lindy Lacson

Board member since: Jan 2021
Current Term: Jan 2022-2024
Responsibilities: Member, BIPOC Advisory Board

Born in the Philippines and raised in the Central Valley of California. Moved to Portland in 2012 for work. Professionally I’m in Marketplace Operations and Supply Chain.

Lifelong lover of the Beautiful game. Played AYSO, dreamed of being a ‘99er. The whole shebang.

When I moved up to PDX in 2012, I knew 3 people. 2 of those people scarfed me with a No Pity Scarf even before I officially moved and the deal was done. They took me to my first Timbers match and I fell in love with the TA DnT. It was because I became a regular fixture there that I was invited to join the Riveters CDnT in 2014. I’d become a season ticket holder for the Thorns as soon as they were available in 2013, but hadn’t really found my place yet while attempting to volunteer for the Riveters. Now you can find me in 107 for the Riveters and 106 for the Timbers, or throwing out random ideas for the Riveters Merch team. Beyond that, I’m also a member of the BIPOC committee and am honored to represent them on the Board.

Stephan Lewis

Board member since: Jan 2017
Current Term: Feb 2024–Jan 2026
Responsibilities: Chair, Community Outreach Committee

Portland born and mostly raised, soccer was a big part of my upbringing and I started really combining my love of the two when the Timbers started back up in 2001. With a background in architecture, I started studying and practicing community development over 25 years ago to have a greater, more positive impact in our changing landscapes. Central to this practice are the principles of empowerment, participation, inclusion, self-determination, and partnership. 

Very active in my communities, I volunteer my time with the 107IST as a member of the Outreach Committee, representing our interests in the local community from neighborhoods and coalitions to other nonprofits and community organizations, providing day to day operational logistics for all aspects of the org, and am an active member of the tifo crew.

Sam Prince

Board member since: Feb 2024
Current Term: Feb 2024–Jan 2026
Responsibilities: Member, Rose City Riveters Steering Committee, RivetGear Merch Team, Membership Committee

Born and raised in St. Louis, lived all around the US, and found a home in Portland a bit over six years ago. On the professional level I am an admissions counselor for Bennington College, a small Liberal Arts college in lovely Vermont. I recruit the PNW for them.

My 107ist story starts about a week after I moved to Portland, when I went to my first Timbers game. The cheapest tickets were in the TA, but to be honest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I sat (that’s right, sat), high in the 200s and watched the bedlam that played out even in a meaningless mid-week match between two low table teams. I was new to Portland, but knew I was in love with what was happening.

Though I think this may surprise a lot of you who have gotten to know me in the time since, I'm not someone who is usually a jump in with two feet kinda person. I have a lot of reverence for routine, for what has come before me. It took right around two full years before feeling comfortable joining in. In the past few years I will say confidently that the 107ist has lead me to community--to chosen family. If you’ve come into Fanladen or 1919 on gamedays, odds are I’m one of the people who greeted you at the door, it’s one of my favorite places to be.

Sherrilynn “Sheba” Rawson

Board member since: Aug 2011
Current Term: Jan 2022–Dec 2024
Responsibilities: Co-Chair, Membership Committee; Member, Communications Committee, Technology Committee; Board member, Gisele Currier Scholarship Fund

107ist delegate from the West Side stands; alternatively, the 107IST delegate from Clackamas County.

Season ticket holder in the west side stands for ten+ years, happy to find and bond with the 116 ultras. She was a bona fide soccer mom long before that.

Sheba is a lifelong bilingual educator, and currently the principal at Heritage Elementary School in Woodburn. Prior to her appointment to the 107IST Board, she served on the boards of other non-profits.

Imran Qureshi

Board member since: Feb 2024
Current Term: Feb 2025 (Timbers Army Steering Committee Board Representative)
Responsibilities: Member, Timbers Army Steering Committee, Timbers Army Game Day Operations, Timbers Army Tifo

Born & raised in Nashville, I moved to Portland in 2009 knowing only two things about this place: the best beer in the country was brewed here and it was Soccer City USA. I attended my first match that year, got tickets on the West side, but when I heard the noise coming from the North End, I walked over and never left. I have been a 107IST member since 2010 and I’ve gotten progressively more involved over the years, starting by staying after matches to help take flags back to the cage. I eventually joined the flag crew and after a few years of climbing the stairs, I was asked to lead the team and manage the goal smoke. I started painting with the tifo crew in 2017 and joined the committee a year or two later, helping to plan, paint, hoist and manage our amazing displays. On matchdays, I serve as a security liaison along with our game day ops crew, helping to ensure that we can continue to keep ourselves safe in the North End.

When I’m not busy with flags, tifo, smoke or security, you can find me supporting the Timbers & Thorns in the stands with my two sons.

Sunday White

Board member since: Feb 2024
Current Term: Feb 2024–Jan 2026
Responsibilities: 107IST Board Secretary

Hello, I am Sunday White. You have likely seen me in a nest or on the stage in the north end, supporting with passion and energy, over the last 10 years. I am an organizational nerd and a marketing project manager (cat herder) in my day to day life. I love to create fiber art and help my community.

Dominique Whittaker

Board member since: Feb 2020
Current Term: Feb 2024–Jan 2026
Responsibilities: 107IST Board President; Member, BIPOC Advisory Board, Community Outreach, Timbers Army Steering Committee

It’s Dominique - your friendly photographer/survey designer/away day warrior/podcaster/patch patrol whale catcher. I’m a native New Yorker, an eldest child, creative, gamer, techie. I moved to Oregon in October 2015 for a work opportunity where I met my now-partner, Andrew, and fell in love with Portland, the PNW, and PTFC. Lived in Seattle and San Jose for a few years, so I’ve been a remote supporter, part of TA:CO and G&GG. Now I’m back in Portland, so during most matches you can find me down on the pitch snapping photos. My day job is working with early-stage startups to help them grow and navigate Microsoft. My afternoon gig is freelance photography.

107IST-wise, I’ve been a member since 2017 and first got involved by attending board meetings. I was encouraged to join Community Outreach, where I was Secretary and then joined the BIPOC Advisory group, the photo team, and Timbers Army Steering Committee. If you’ve taken a pulse survey in the past two years, thank you (I’m often helping craft those and reading out the results to the leadership team).

Many thanks to our past board members for their service:

  • Roger Anthony
  • Dawn Bauman
  • Eric Berg
  • Nick Brock
  • Mike Coleman
  • Christin Correz
  • Joanne Couchman
  • Todd Diskin
  • Garrett Dittfurth
  • Bruce ‘Obi’ Eaton
  • Zach Freeman
  • Kristen Gehrke
  • Abram Goldman-Armstrong
  • Chris Gong
  • Rachel Harrison
  • Dave Hoyt
  • Jennifer Ingraham
  • Laurie Jane
  • Bob Kellett
  • Marika Klein
  • Darren Lloyd
  • Joshua Lucas
  • Fernando Machicado
  • Jerry Makare
  • Sean Moran
  • Harper Morgan-Werner
  • Sara Nelson
  • William Packwood
  • Drew Picard
  • Lauren Prince
  • Basmah Rahman
  • Joseph Revay
  • Gabby Rosas
  • Lexi Stern
  • Scott van Swearingen
  • Devlyn Swenson
  • Matt Talley
  • Ray Terrill
  • Corinne Waller
  • Maggie Williams
  • Jeremy Wright

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