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  • 03/28/2011 7:53 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    —by Bradley Stonecypher

    First, I would like to apologize for the lengthy delay between posts. I was in Shanghai, China for a week, had 5 days at home and then my son was born 4 weeks early on March 20, 2011. Whew! I am looking forward to our home opener where I can get some peace and quiet at good old PGE errr Jeld Wen Field. Right . . . I am a few sections over from the North End which I truly expect to be raucous, rambunctious, reverberating and L-O-U-D and I shall join in from the club. Just look for the big fella' in C5 second row from the top all the way on the end and they have better built that new grandstand sturdy for when I get my 340lbs a grooving and a shaking, things around me start swaying.

    As I said earlier, I was in Shanghai on business when I was offered $100.00usd for my old school Timbers warm up jacket which I purchased about a year and a half ago at the winter sale at the souvenir stand. And it was probably the only article of clothing NOT on sale - LOL

    I thought for a moment and shook my head. He then upped the offer to $200.00usd - I was quite stunned and honored. I asked him why he would pay that much for my "slightly" used warm up jacket. He replied, "I had such good memories of going to games as a child back in the 70s, it just reminded me of those fun times."

    I nodded in agreement. I remember going to those games with my dad who is no longer here on earth and just having a good time. I hesitated a moment and looked down at the crest. The old school axe just kind of spoke to me. He must have noticed my pause, because he upped it to $300.00.

    Now this is not the first time I have been offered money for my warm up. A guy at the Encore Club here in Portland offered me $100.00 for it earlier this year. I said, no way. He completely understood and even told me that there was no way he would sell it if it was his.

    It is not that I don't like the new logo, in fact I do. It is just a reminder to me about the past, even going back to the late 70s, attending games with my dad. I don't want to forget how it all began. I want to honor the men that played and the man that had a hand in the craziness - Timber Jim.

    $300.00 - wow - I looked at him for a while and slowly shook my head. I said, "Sentimentally, it means more then money." I am sure there is a price that would eventually outweigh the sentimental value, but at this moment in my life, I am not sure what it is. Definitely, more then $300.00 though.

    We saw a nurse today about my son who is struggling with some jaundice issues. She looked at my warm up and said, "Do you have season tickets?" At first, I was in such a fog, I wasn't sure what she was talking about. She pointed to my warmup. I smiled proudly, "Yes, I do." She went on to say that through her son's select soccer team they were able to get opening game tickets. She was very proud of the fact that they had managed that as his birthday was close to April 14. We both went on to agree that it would be a great time for him and that he would probably be a Timber for life. What really hit home to me is her comment about how affordable it was for her family to attend games. I told her to contact the front office about putting a birthday wish on the board for him. I don't know if the Timbers will still do it, but I said it was worth a shot.

    I did say no to $300.00 and he was a bit disappointed, but he understood. I was glad the wife was not with me that day or I would probably still be bruised from the smack she would give me for turning it down. So on April 14, look me up. I will be the big guy, shaking my stuff, chanting way with my army in the old school Timber's warmup.

    Maximus was born on 3/20/2011 - 4 weeks premature - he weighed 8lbs 14oz and was 20.5 inches long. Baby and mother are doing great

    Thanks for reading!

  • 03/28/2011 7:51 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    —by Chris Rifer

    For the second week in a row the Timbers dropped a disappointing loss on the road, this time to the preseason consensus worst team in MLS, Toronto FC. For substantial portions, Portland dominated the run of play, but Toronto’s counterattack proved fatal to the Timbers’ hopes on a frigid afternoon in Toronto.

    Like last week, the Timbers conceded an early goal on the left side of their defense, as Javier Martina slotted in a counterattack goal in the 14th minute. Martina trailed the breakaway, but after Steve Purdy snuffed the initial threat from Dwayne De Rosario and Kevin Goldthwaite joined to add ball pressure, De Rosario dropped to Martina in the spot vacated by Goldthwaite to leave keeper Adin Brown helpless.

    From there, the Timbers dominated possession for the remainder of the first half and into the second half. Although the game settled firmly into Portland’s attacking half, the Timbers weren’t able to muster a critical mass of quality chances on goal. Despite 16 shots and 9 corner kicks, Toronto keeper Stefan Frei was rarely seriously challenged, as Portland’s efforts were largely hopeful.

    The beginning of the second half saw the game open up even further, as substitute goalkeeper Jake Gleeson parried Maicon Santos’ counterattack effort in the 48th minute. Three minutes later, Portland had perhaps its best chance of the game, as Jeremy Hall’s shot from the right side was knocked away by Frei.

    The Timbers continued to apply pressure into the 69th minute when Rodney Wallace’s effort off of a nice overlapping run was deflected just wide into the side netting. Frei controlled the ensuing Timbers corner and unleashed a brilliant boot downfield to Martina in stride for the strike just inside the far post.

    During the few instances that Toronto created offense from the midfield, Portland’s defense looked substantially more organized than last week in Denver. The right side of the Timbers’ defense looks settled, as Eric Brunner and Steve Purdy again combined to keep all quiet on that front. The left side also looked more composed, as Goldthwaite and Wallace appeared to be communicating much better when they had the opportunity to set up their line.

    The damage was done on the counterattack, however. All of Toronto’s four quality chances came on the counter with two producing tallies. The Reds appeared to be content to allow Portland to apply some pressure, and then take advantage of the Timbers’ fullbacks’ aggressiveness in pushing forward. Toronto’s success on the counterattack, not the Timbers’ quantity of possession, was the difference in the game and ultimately the story of the match.

    Match Observations

    • My initial response to the game was that this was a manifestly unjust result. After some reflection, however, I think the Timbers’ advantage in possession was largely a result of Toronto’s tactics. It was clear that Toronto was fairly content to sit back, absorb any organized offense that Portland offered, and then punch back hard down the Timbers’ left side. This plan is one that the Timbers are going to be vulnerable to until Portland fills a couple holes. The Timbers’ lack of playmaking dynamism, especially in the middle of the field, makes them less than fearsome against an organized defense and Portland’s much-discussed struggles on the left side of the defense creates a vulnerability to counter.
    • The Timbers’ offense opened up dramatically after John Spencer flipped Jeremy Hall and Ryan Pore in the midfield. In the very early going Pore again looked 6th-grade-health-class uncomfortable on the right side of the midfield while the Jeremy Wallace combination failed to get much going on the left. When they were flipped, I thought both Hall and Pore looked much more dynamic.
    • The Jeremy Wallace story is one that should be watched over the course of the next couple weeks. Presumably, Sal Zizzo will replace Pore in the starting XI sometime before the home opener. When Darlington Nagbe returns from hernia surgery he will likely replace Jeremy Hall on the left side of the midfield. The question then becomes, does Hall shift to left back and replace Rod Wallace? Wallace’s job is probably safe by necessity until then, but barring substantial improvement from him over the next couple weeks, Spenny may decide to look to Wallace’s fellow Terrapin to take over those duties.

    Timbers Grades

    Adin Brown: 5.5 – Solid outing in goal through the first half. Not much he could have done to stop the goal and made a couple nice plays to stop the intermittent Toronto attacks.

    Steve Purdy: 6.5 – Kerrea who? Looked reliable in defense and produced some good chances with runs into the Timbers’ attacking third. Any questions about whether he is an MLS-quality right back have been soundly answered.

    Eric Brunner: 6 – Again, can’t really complain about the right side of the defense.

    Kevin Goldthwaite: 4.5 – So it was better than Colorado. Still, the help on the ball that led to the first goal was probably gratuitous as Purdy looked to have De Rosario pretty well bottled up.

    Rodney Wallace: 4 – For a defender known for his athleticism, Rod straight up got beat to the ball by Martina in the 70th minute and was conspicuously absent from defense leading to the first goal. Still, he made a couple nice runs into the attacking third, although sometimes lacked a little bit of quality on the cross.

    Ryan Pore: 5 – Started off looking out of sorts on the right, although did make an interior run to create one opportunity. Looked a bit better on the left, but still wasn’t the dynamic player Timbers fans have seen in the past.

    Jack Jewsbury: 5.5 – Had a few nice set pieces and was fairly active around the ball in the midfield. Solid, but somewhat nondescript. I should probably control-C this grade to save time in the future.

    Peter Lowry: 4 – Did he even play? Seemed to be completely MIA from the attack, and when he was around the ball he seemed a step late.

    Jeremy Hall: 6 – Perhaps the best of the Timbers midfielders today. Was disruptive to the Reds’ defense when he had the opportunity to move down the right side. Had pretty good touch on the ball throughout and seemed to constantly be involved in the attack.

    Jorge Perlaza: 4 – Looked out of sorts. His touch wasn’t what it has been in the past, and instead of looking to go at goal he seemed to be releasing to the midfield a lot.

    Kenny Cooper: 6 – Didn’t breakthrough, although he did have a couple decent cracks at goal. Was very active up front, giving Toronto’s backline fits most of the day.

    Jake Gleeson: 6 – Can’t blame him for an all-around classy 70th minute Reds goal. Made one beautiful save in a 1 v 1 situation with Santos, and had another nice punch out on a corner. The 20-year old looked every bit of an MLS-quality keeper.

    Sal Zizzo: 5 – Had a couple nice touches out on the right wing, but didn’t make much of a difference.

    Brian Umony: INC – Pretty nondescript duty in place of Perlaza in the final 15 minutes or so.

  • 03/28/2011 6:01 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    —by Lucas Grzybowski

    With the Timbers playing Chivas USA tomorrow (7pm, Merlo Field) in the first round of the US Open Cup MLS qualification tourney — and their first ever competitive home match in the MLS Era — I got to ruminating about our past appearances in this little "oldest cup competition in United States soccer."

    It may be noteworthy that the first thing that pops into my mind when I think "Timbers success in US Open Cup" is Luc Harrington scoring in a 2-0 win vs Bakersfield Brigade in 2007. Luc's goal wasn't the game-winner (Larry O scored the first)...hell I wasn't even at the game! I probably heard about it on the Inter-net at some point later that day. To be sure, the Timbers have had more success in the Cup than a single away win vs a PDL side; there have been wins vs the flounders, valiant losses to MLS teams, and a couple memorable trips to a little Navy Town up north.

    Here are the memories that stick in my mind:

    San Jose — In my first season supporting the team (2004), we made it all the way to the 4th round. This is one of my first best Timbers memories, with more than 10k at the Piggy on a steaming hot day to see the Timbers take on USA Golden Boy Landon Donovan and his formidable Earthquakes team (which included Brian Ching and Dwayne DeRosario - DeRo actually scored a goal off the bench in this match, and looking at the match report on Timber Mill, that bench also featured a number of names now familiar to Timbers fans: Jamil Walker, Chris Brown, Steve Cronin and...Roger Leveseque? Yeech!). Timbers were down a man for most of the match (get stuck in Gavin!), and lost 0-3, but the TA never stopped singing for the boys, and in the final accounting it was a good day to be a Timber.

    Hollywood Utd — Possibly the lowest point the Timbers ever reached during my time as a fan (perhaps tied with the entire 2006 season for that depressing distinction). We lost at home to a 5th division novelty side full of aged footballers and castoffs — including former Timber Matt Taylor, whose most memorable contribution as a Timber was sending an open header off the post in extra time vs Atlanta in the 2007 USL semifinals. Taylor scored twice against us that day for Hollywood. Thanks for nothing, Taylor Mutt! The bright side of this disaster is that only 3,000 people saw it happen (a definite attendance nadir in a 2008 season that saw PTFC crowds start to grow to the 10k+ numbers we saw routinely in 2009 and '10).

    Flounders — We have beaten that team from up I-5 in USOC play: twice in 2003 qualifying (before my time), and once in 2005, when we knocked them out of the cup in the run up to a 4th-round rematch with the Quakes. I wish I had a greater recollection of that 2005 win, because it's been nothing but heartbreak since: they've knocked us out of the competition in three of the past four seasons.

    In 2007 the flounders and their buddy Hidajet Tica defeated the Timbers at Starfire (around the time they started playing there to avoid the embarrassment of having triple-digit crowds in an NFL stadium). A certain formerly beloved midfielder scored for the bad guys after CK6 was unjustly sent off by the aforementioned Mr. Tica. I think this was also the game Betsy Ross was spotted on TV heckling dick-nose burpo from the woods behind his net; so, one bright spot at least.

    The last two years we've played host to the MLS rave green squad in front of massive crowds at PGE, and while the Timbers played their guts out both years, both times they've lost. In 2009 we went down early and could only manage a 1-2 loss, and last year we took the bastards to penalties where tit-head keller's experience shone through and we again bowed out of the competition. In addition to the massive crowds, 2009's match also featured what is still the most impressive tifo display I've ever seen. To give credit where it's due, that game I also saw more seatle supporters in one place than I'd ever seen (that includes about a half dozen matches in their own home park). Awe-inspiring fan support aside, it stung to lose to that team. Winning preseason matches is nice but I would love another chance at those clowns in the Cup (unlikely this year, considering the lengthy qualification road we have to take).

    Photo by Jesse Beals

    Kitsap Pumas — The Pumas have only been around since 2009, but they've already become one of our best and favorite regional rivals (for both the big Timbers and the U23s, with whom they compete in the PDL NW Division). They've got a solid organization and a successful team, good fans, and they know how to treat visiting supporters. We beat them in their house in both of their first two years of existence (by a strange coincidence, both years we made it to the Kitsap game by defeating Sonoma County Sol, and both years defeating Kitsap earned us a 3rd round game vs Seatle).

    The 2009 game was tight, with the Timbers securing victory very late on (the 3-0 scoreline was slightly unfair to the home team in that one). At halftime we switched ends with the Pumas supporters (or the "litterbox" as they call themselves - can't make this stuff up), and then enjoyed having shots lashed at us by the Kitsap players warming up before the second half. I distinctly remember Pumas keeper Dustyn Brim, whom we'd been taunting mercilessly the entire match, telling us directly after the final whistle to "go beat Seattle, I hate that fucking team." Ah Dusty, you're probably my favorite non-Timbers player.

    In 2010 we saw Kitsap off relatively easily, 4-1, in a game that I remember more as the beginning of the phenomenon known as "Getting Kitsapped" (a phrase meaning something like "epically absurd away shenanigans"). We must have lit 20 smoke bombs during that game, one of which nearly hit our own keeper (for the record throwing smoke bombs is what a dumbass does: don't do it). We were menaced by a gang of pigtailed 12-yr old girl ultras. I'm pretty sure one of the locals gave us a big batch of jello shots. We had a raucous good time, but the "epic absurdity" part of it would reach even epicer and absurder heights during a preseason match the following season (a tale for another blog post).

    Got any good US Open Cup memories? Were you at either of the recent big games vs seatle? Did you see Luc Harrington score in Bakersfield? Have you ever been Kitsapped? Let us know in the comments.

    (And if you haven't got your ticket for tomorrow night's game, they are still available at the JELD-WEN Field box office. Walk up or call Ryan at 503.555.5564, $20 no fees.)

  • 03/25/2011 7:55 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    We have always said that if you want to be Timbers Army then you are… simply show up and cheer for the team. This is still true.

    In addition, last year we also introduced 107ist (Independent Supporters Trust) which is a member-based non-profit organization open to anyone who loves soccer, the Timbers, Portland, and, especially, the combination of the three, regardless of where they sit in the stadium. It arose as a means to coordinate all the things that the Timbers Army was already doing; to work with Timbers management in resolving issues, to help make the game day experience (both at home and away) bigger and better for everyone, and to help fund various charities and events in the Portland soccer community.

    This weekend we expect to pass a significant membership milestone. To commemorate this we are giving away one of the newly redesigned No Pity scarves to the person that signs up as the 1000th 107ist member.

    You can find out how to join here: Join / Renew

    Members get exclusive 107ist/TA merchandise with each annual membership, receive discounts and specials from local vendors, get first dibs on supporter section away tickets, seats on bus charters for away games, have access to the member-only forums on, are able to vote in our annual elections, and much more.

    We'll let you know who the lucky winner was next week!

    Are YOU 107ist yet?

  • 03/23/2011 8:02 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    —by Lucas Grzybowski

    Here it is, as just tweeted by @USSoccer:

    What do we think? As a US supporter and a soccer shirt fetishist (gotta catch 'em all bro!), I love it. The sash design is solid and this color scheme here is much better than the current home shirt with the thrilling light-gray-on-white design (the white-on-navy away kit is nice). I've been wanting them to do a red shirt forever (that Don't Tread On Me shirt from WC06 qualifying was very limited production, just teasing me).

    I didn't see any indication of the new "Red All Over" motto they've been talking up, so I asked. And while I was writing this post they retweeted me and now I'm twitter famous! I'm gonna be a millionaire selling pithy tweets! (That's how it works, right?)

    Well alright, Saturday is shaping up to be a good soccer day: after the TIMBERS vs Toronto game in the morning (11am, ROOT/FSNW), we've got a choice US match vs Argentina (4pm, ESPN2) complete with new shirts.

    (Now if only they'd redesign that badge....)

  • 03/21/2011 8:26 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    —by Chris Rifer

    Two virtually identical matches took place at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park on Saturday. In both matches one group looked like the class of the MLS while the other looked game, but overmatched.

    The Rapids beat the Timbers 3-1 in the First Kick affair that marked Portland’s entry into the MLS. The Rapids did their damage behind a 20-minute first half onslaught. The three goals came largely as a result of three relatively discrete breakdowns by the Timbers defense and midfield. Colorado really only had four quality chances in the first half, but to their credit they converted three. The Timbers offense, while not being totally stifled in the midfield, could not convert some reasonable possession into appreciable scoring chances.

    In the second half, the Timbers showed a bit more moxie in controlling most of the play with the assistance of Colorado’s new-found offensive conservatism. Nonetheless, when the Rapids did pressure in the second half, the Timbers defense looked substantially more composed in keeping Colorado from further lighting up the scoreboard. Finally, the Army was rewarded for their efforts in the 80th minute when Kenny Cooper drove home a free kick from 30 yards to tally the first Timbers goal in MLS history. It was clear at the end of the match, however, that the Timbers didn’t have the quality to compete with the Rapids, who look to be legitimate contenders in defense of their title.

    Rapids supporters weren’t without their class, either. In organizing an event the night before and a pregame tailgate, the Rapids supporters showed they were passionate, educated, and organized. The Rapids’ supporters are broken into three comparatively small subgroups, The Pid Army, Bulldog Supporters, and Class VI. The contrast between the Timbers Army and the Rapids’ supporters underscored the importance of having unified supporters, an urban stadium, and a front office that cares. 3-0, Timbers Army.

    Dick’s Sporting Goods Park is the antithesis of Jeld-Wen/PGE/Civic/Multnomah. It is smaller, much newer, and extremely exurban. The Park is located in the ironically-named Commerce City, surrounded by a large parking lot, soccer fields, and a wildlife refuge. No downtown, MAX, or Bitter End in sight.

    Even starker was the contrast in the respective front offices attitudes toward their supporter groups. The Timbers have given the Army the entire North End to do with as we please. The result is the likelihood of an Army of 3,500 for every home match. The Rapids supporters groups are split into two small sets of bleachers behind the north goal. The bleachers are only about five or six deep, and are supplemented by terraces with a few standing tables. Basically, it’s like if the Timbers relegated the Army to the South Deck.

    The Rapids supporters were equally neglected during the pregame ceremonies, when the Rapids celebrated their 2010 MLS Cup victory. The trophy was brought in right by the supporters’ terraces, but was conspicuously never paraded in front of or presented to the supporters, instead taking a direct route to midfield and back to the car.

    In the end, while the Rapids beat the Timbers on the pitch, it is clear that Colorado has a lot to learn from Portland in developing a healthy supporters atmosphere. While the individual supporters showed tremendous class, the Rapids organization has neglected Pid Army, Bulldog Supporters, and Class VI to the point of allowing the Timbers Army to travel more than 1,200 miles and drown out the Rapids’ victory and championship celebration.

    Game Observations

    • The left side of Portland’s defense was downright awful. After a pretty good preseason, Kevin Goldthwaite looked miserable, getting pulled at halftime for the substantially more effective David Horst. Even worse, though, was Rodney Wallace. It is unclear whether it is poor fitness or a lack of confidence coming off a season lost to injury, but he looks like a shadow of the player he was as a rookie. The right side of Purdy and Brunner, while not giving the same stellar effort that they gave against Seattle, was still passable.
    • Compounding the poor defensive effort was the absence of Troy Perkins. Adin Brown filled in ably, but, as anybody who attended the Cascadia Summit knows, Perkins is a save-your-bacon quality keeper. The third goal was a brilliant strike set up by some indifferent Timbers defense in the midfield. But both the first and second goals came off rebounds from Brown’s hands. Brown did well to deflect the initial balls, but it is hard not to think that Perkins doesn’t keep hit mitts on at least one of those. What a different game it is if he does.
    • Jorge Perlaza and Kenny Cooper have the potential to be a fantastic strikeforce. Their chemistry is understandably a little bit lacking right now, and Perlaza is going to take a few months to adjust to the physicality of the MLS, but look for this duo to be lethal late in the season.
    • John Canzano, in his column on the game, unfavorably compared the Timbers’ first ever major match to those of the Blazers, University of Oregon football, and Oregon State football. The Blazers beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 115-112 at Memorial Coliseum. The Cavs, at the time also an expansion team, finished 15-67 that year. The Ducks and Beavers beat Albany College 44-2 and 62-0, respectively, in their openers. At the time they played the Ducks and Beavers, Albany College was located on a seven-acre campus in Albany, Oregon. Albany College has since grown substantially and moved to Portland, changing its name to Lewis & Clark College. The Timbers lost an away match 3-1 to the Colorado Rapids, the defending MLS Cup Champions.

  • 03/20/2011 8:28 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    —by Andrew Brawley

    After much debate and fence-hopping, I decided to stay home for last night's Timbers debut vs. Colorado. While I had every intention of going out somewhere (anywhere) to witness history with my fellow TA faithful, I think my need to thoroughly observe the entire TV presentation undisturbed took over. I blame it on my nerdy marketing background and past involvement with TV (30+ years of watching it, plus many years of working within the medium).

    I watched the Fox Sports Northwest (soon to be known as Root Sports) feed in HD, and I can say with full conviction that the entire supporters scene within MLS was officially put on notice. Between the constant soundtrack of chants over the broadcast, the enthusiasm (despite to 3-1 COL result), and the excellent shots of the TA during lulls in the gameplay, the TA did a fantastic job of showing American supporters groups at their finest. If you were at the game, give yourself a pat on the back. (And if you're 107ist Board Member Joanne Couchman, get yourself an agent because you may qualify for some kind of union membership with the amount of face time you got last night.)

    How good did we look? The sports section in this morning's Oregonian featured our presence at last night's match as the top story, whereas the story on the actual match itself was placed below it. (Obviously the TA has a few strong opinions on the O's recent coverage of all things Timbers, but that's for another blog entry.)

    Granted, this was our MLS debut in a city that wasn't too far away for us. The next couple matches are pretty far from Portland, and nobody expects over 400 TA in the stands at each one of those, but those watching last night's match got the perfect teaser of what the TA brings to MLS. Expectations for the home opener on April 14th are very high, just as they are for nearby away games along the west coast this season.

    I'm not expecting the TA to suddenly employ media trainers and a makeup-and-hair team to maintain our positive appearance streak. But I hope that those lucky TA who suddenly find themselves with a TV camera in their face remember that as soon as the red light turns on, enthusiastic index fingers represent us much better than enthusiastic middle fingers.

    Keep up the good work.

    PS - the broadcast team of John Strong and Robbie Earle is a winning combo. Strong has the chops, and the addition of Earle, a non-homer, provides excellent balance. Looking forward to many games with those two.

  • 03/19/2011 8:31 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    —by Garrett Dittfurth

    Like many of you I've been scratching my head for a good response to John Canzano's uninformed antagonistic piece about the Timbers Army. Case in point this quote, "Paulson said of a 2005 complaint." Uh know Merritt didn't buy the team until 2007 right?

    First I want to direct you to some must see reading from Robert Wagner [article no longer available].

    Second I have a message for you John. Your column about the Timbers Army is laughable and that's the only response to it I have. I congratulate you on your ability to troll an entire city. You should really get involved with message boards. I think you would be good at it.

    Anyone else notice something very important today?


  • 03/16/2011 8:37 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    — Garrett Dittfurth

    Word is out that Sporting KC is allowing Chad Ochocinco in on a trial. I know Sporting KC doesn't exactly have the greatest history with pulling in big crowds, but with their new stadium and slick Europhile name rebrand marketing tactics they would have finally made some noise in the MLS scene. This sort of publicity stunt is something I would have expected out of a MLS team 10 years ago.

    It's really nice Ochocinco likes soccer and played it before focusing on making a career out of the NFL. I just wish he'd stick to Tweeting about going to Camp Nou instead of pretending to be on a legitimate trial at KC. Even more pathetic is Sporting KC's willingness to get in on the joke that Ochocinco could actually make their team. He's a gifted athlete to be sure and a physical specimen, but his talents lie elsewhere. Mostly in nearly being decapitated by people like Ray Lewis. Explain to me how doing this for the last decade translates into being a talented soccer player?


  • 03/15/2011 8:43 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    —by Garrett Dittfurth

    Landon Cakes

    Tonight the 2011 Major League Soccer season begins, when LA Galaxy, featuring such glamorous international stars as David Beckham, Landon Donovan and Mike Magee, face some team from up north. Kickoff is at 6:30pm (ESPN), which should leave you plenty of time to get out of work (for example) and head to one of Portland's many fine watering holes to watch the game.

    Not sure where to watch? Here are a few options that might interest you:

    Bitter End Pub [since closed] (1981 West Burnside) - The TA's game-day pub is also a great place to watch a match on TV, whether it's Timbers away, CONCACAF Champions League or MLS. Tuesday nights also feature trivia at Bitter End, so you can get your nerd on while watching Frankie Hejduk go cleats up into nomeansno's face (for example).

    Beulahland (118 NE 28th) - You really can't go wrong with Beulahland. For me this is the best place to watch soccer on the east side; they've got a good selection of taps, cheap tallboys and random sody pops, to go along with a nice food menu and a laid back environment for watching Timbers, MLS, EPL, etc. Well hello there, sardine sandwich and pounder of Old German...

    4-4-2 (1739 SE Hawthorne) - The new kid on the scene used to be a Bosnian grocery and deli before they turned it into what I'm told is a fantastic soccer pub, with great food (still Bosnian) and a big selection of taps and bottles. What we do, we drink?

    Those are just for starters. Portland, as you know, is full of great neighborhood bars, plenty of spots where people gather with their friends to knock back a few and watch a match. Marathon Taverna has always got soccer on the TVs and I loved watching World Cup games there last summer; Triple Nickel Pub has been an east side outpost for TA MLS viewing for a couple years now; both Blitz locations are amenable to soccer; Brooklyn Park Pub is a super cozy little bar in SE; and Slim's and Leisure Pub have been doing duty as North PDX soccer spots. A wealth of options, we has one.

    Check out the full list of Official partners and DaveKnows' Portland Soccer Bars site for more ideas, and feel free to let us know in the comments where you'll be watching First Kick tonight.

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