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Supporting Trans Rights - Away Travel

Earlier this year, the 107IST sent out a brief survey asking folks who are trans or the parents of trans children to share their thoughts and opinions about our next actions regarding away travel. Although the sample size was small, the Steering Committees used survey results and comments to help guide our next steps. We share those results with you here. 

"Withdraw financial support by refusing to support away ticket purchases" (25 responses) 

  • Totals:

    • Yes - 12

    • No strong feelings - 2

    • No - 11

  • Trans Adults:

    • Yes - 4

    • No strong feelings - 2

    • No - 4 

"Withdraw financial support by offering ticket purchases only for local supporters" (24 responses) 

  • Totals:

    • Yes - 9

    • No strong feelings - 5

    • No - 10

  • Trans Adults:

    • Yes - 3

    • No strong feelings - 3

    • No - 4 

"Offer full support for away travel" (22 responses) 

  • Totals:

    • Yes - 8

    • No strong feelings - 5

    • No - 9

  • Trans Adults:

    • Yes - 5

    • No strong feelings - 2

    • No - 3 

On the questions of whether we should release a formal statement, include an individual option for donation with away purchases, and donate as an organization to local transgender advocacy groups, the responses were unanimously in favor of these actions.

We received several comments on all facets of this issue, and we share them with you here, in their entirety.

Question: What other actions can we take to support transgender children, adults, and athletes?

Work with the ISC to make a policy that no SG will officially attend an away match in these states

I’m a cis woman - I will follow the lead of my trans friends, particularly those in states with this legislation. It’s not for me to tell them how to protest.

Fundraising for local agencies and providing visible support through merchandise, maybe

Take an active role in crafting, sponsoring, and passing legislation that protects trans rights and trans individuals in Oregon

Don't support events in places where my kid isn't welcome. Also you're awesome and we appreciate you.

take our lead from trans athletes in nwsl. have trans tifos

I don't think we need to boycott away days all over the country. I've lived in places where trans folks are treated badly and an away day was a relief. I wouldn't want someone to miss out on joining others in the visitors section.

Share information about fighting anti-trans sports bills with supporters in those states and things people outside those states can do to help fight the bills.

Bring Tifo to away games that supports trans folks

Find a transgender advocate in a player from Timbers and Thorns; Advocate, Advocate, Advocate; Educate the community; Align TIFO efforts for transgender advocacy with teams from anti-trans states.

I think bringing and displaying banners that support trans folks helps immensely. If possible, partnering with opposing supporters groups in these kinds of efforts to send the message that supporting trans kids is a common ground for all supporters would be a powerful message to send.

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